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Omg wow!

[edit]Ok so I couldn’t help myself I had to put up a Christmas theme. There maybe some things not working. I can’t be bothered to fix atm, so I’ll do them later. Okay thats all[/edit] I feel as if i just posted not that long ago. Time goes a bit too fast don’t it. Yeah I guess I’m due up for another layout here? Lmao. I kind of like it though and its so hard to part with it. But {Read More}

This or That

Thats what my life feels like lately just plain this or that lol. So many things going on, mostly emotions. Totally sucks I tell you. Since I haven’t posted in a few days thought I would. I never really have much to say, my life is sad to say as dull as that. Lots coming up in the new year that I am looking forward to more about that another time, don’t feel much like talking about that. I was {Read More}

Life is weird lol

I don’t know what to think sometimes. I prepare myself emotionally for a break up and then what happens? She totally wants to stay with me. We talked about things, had one of those serious chats. I know that I need to think about what I want, and whom I want. At this point I am confused lol. I’ll have sometime soon enough to really sort things out in my mind and heart. I’m not going to go on because {Read More}

Everything Ends

Alice is off to London today to take care of some business and I can’t tell you how relieved I am. When she is here she can’t seem to let me have a minutes rest for computer time, I call it my “play time” and when I do you can be sure that she will ask me to do something. It never fails. So I have a good part of today to myself so might as well make the best {Read More}

Come and Gone

Wow Halloween was here and now it’s gone, I wanted to say I didn’t do anything. Chatted to a nice fella online is about all that was rather interesting Oh today is my nieces birthday she turned 18 yay!! I’m so happy for her, she is the same niece that is expecting a baby next year. I really hope I am there to see the baby when the little angel is born. I can’t believe how time flies, last time {Read More}