Omg wow!

[edit]Ok so I couldn’t help myself I had to put up a Christmas theme. There maybe some things not working. I can’t be bothered to fix atm, so I’ll do them later. Okay thats all[/edit]

I feel as if i just posted not that long ago. Time goes a bit too fast don’t it. Yeah I guess I’m due up for another layout here? Lmao. I kind of like it though and its so hard to part with it. But its nice to look at considering as Faye (thanks for the comment) said its wintery and we are in England lmao. But am I going to be too lazy to really change it when I love it so much Ahh well we will see. Umm I have been listening to a lot of good music (well I think it is) like now I’m listenig to Hinder – Bliss (I don’t wanna know) its a really good band. If you have then you can pretty much see what I listen to there. Add me!!! If you have Omg I haven’t updated Twitter, lmao I keep forgetting. Speaking of bands, Maroon 5 is out here, they are from my home town California woohoo well they are out here, they were in Nottingham last night, but I won’t be seeing them I would love to, but you know ever since I came here I haven’t been able to make friends, it soooo hard to. Paramore is going to be out here too and well I’d love to see that band as well but don’t think thats going to happen. Sucks to be me sometimes lmao.

Oh yeah I got a present from Millie for Thanksgiving wasn’t that sweet, I think she missed Thanksgiving too because she’s also from America. There are a few other people from America as well that missed it. Anyway thanks for the gift.

I always try to center the images in my post but they don’t seem to center, but oh well haha. Not many gifts huh? I have a whole load of hostees but didn’t get nothing oh well thats life. I am easily forgotten lmao. I’m always so quiet. Hope you all enjoyed yours. Omg its Christmas time already. I think I’ll wait until Dec 1st to put up a new layout, Oh wait better yet I’ll put it up for my birthday hahah yeah cause you know I just have to squeeze in my birthday in my post lmao. It’s December 4th woohoo I’m going to pamper myself that day. Going to get my hair done definitely going to do that. I’m a brunette now, but going to put some blonde streaks in my hair like I had before. I’m excited

I watched Born on the Fourth of July tonight on TV it was a long movie, a bit depressing but a very good Tom Cruise movie. Remember I mentioned missing holidays? Well that movie made me miss 4th of July haha. Anyway I am doing a movie challenge with one of my affies and we have to watch what the other watches haha its like a race sort of but also its play catch up, its wacky. I watched a movie called Gummo last night and she hate it hahah. I did that one on purpose lmao I’m so evil. OH yeah Samantha thanks for the comment you left I’ll be sure to visit you again With that said I’m am out of here. See ya!


  1. Hey whats up? i passed by to give you a pre-happy bday wish, i’ll be sending you something later today promise. Hope you have a kickass bday

  2. hello!!!! i made a thanksgiving gift for all my affiliates, i tried sending it to u but as u already know my comments wouldn’t get through – i hope it does this time :). about my laptop: i was gonna get a bigger one but since i travel a lot buy plane i thought it would be easier if i got the smaller one cause it would be easier to carry!! The new Christmas theme looks so nice i love it…i will try to make one also if i have the time.

  3. i like this theme alot it isnt really flashy or anything but it is just gorgeous:)thanks for stopping by my site:)i havent came by yours in a while.thanks for the nice comment i appreciate it.i am sorry you arent making many friends in england.give it time and i am sure you will meet some really cool people.would you like to be affiliates.i thought i asked you that already but i am not sure hehehe.

  4. Hey zomg that layout looks fantastic!! Perfect for the season, haha you do wot i do i cant help myself sometimes either hehe. guess wot im watching tonite? nothing lmao!!! just some tv show type thing. thnx for the plug so sweet of you. I put up a new layout weeeeeeeeeeee finally haha, but guess what i did that was so stupid? I forgot to take a screenshot of my old layout there goes my record lmao. owell wot can you do? lmao. anyway see you around

  5. Hey you.. Love the holiday theme. Hope you had a good holiday. I am sending out cards would love to send you one.. Hugs

  6. I am totally loving the x-mas theme! so pretty gets me in the mood!
    Things do not like to center for me sometimes too! *L*.. odd how some images have minds of their own!

  7. Hey girl!

    I checked your site a couple of hours before the change and I have to say this is very pretty as well. I love Christmas, it makes me wish I still had a blog so I could design a Christmas layout and get into the spirit of things!

    Anyway, happy belated Thanksgiving! I went to a Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday night because I have an American friend who wanted to continue her tradition here in Australia. They’re a lot of fun, lots of yummy food! *sends you some in spirit* Yay about pampering yourself for your birthday. I hope you had a really relaxing day. Mine was last Sunday and it kind of went by without too much fuss.

    Oh and yeah, I still keep up-to-date on Livejournal… though I filter almost all of my posts (but you’re privvy to them anyway).

    I’ll try and stop by more often.

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