It’s my BDAY!

So I got up early today, with Christmas getting closer we started our Christmas shopping, and some of it is online shopping! So we are expecting a delivery today like so many other people. Today is my birthday though, I had planned on getting my hair done, so it may not happen today. Only if they delivery first thing in the morning, but if I have to wait all day like we do sometimes then I’ll have to put it off. I got a text from Al about oh 6:38am with a message saying “Happy Birthday babe, I love you angel” isn’t that just too sweet. Aww I was already awake lol. I couldn’t sleep last night until about 4am yeah isn’t that terrible, so I stayed up and messed about on Netlog and the people I have met there are so nice, I logged in to find a bunch of Happy Bday wishes so thats really sweet. So I’m not sure how my day is going to be, I don’t believe I will get a chance to go out. I need to do at least a little grocery shopping because I need a few things, like TP yeah how embarrasing huh? Anyway so keep fingers crossed that they get here fast! I mean I still have some but I need more I doubt it will last the rest of the day. Why does all this have to happen at the same time. PLUS! I have to clean the flat for an estate agent that is coming tomorro at 3pm, so I’m doing as much as I can today because we have some other fab plans that I want to be prepared for, but thats not until next week when Al gets here woohoo.

I was surfing around last night and stubbled on this website called FreeRice it’s a really interesting website, you can play a word game and for every word you answer correctly you will donate a 20 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world hunger so how about it, go play the word game. I played last night and I got up to 500 grains of rice and you get to improve your vocabulary isn’t that great. Come on go and help and its fun too. Oh and be sure to blog about it too. After I finish this post I am going to go and do it for awhile and try to reach 1000 and next time I’ll try to go up another 500 so yeah come one help out.

I’m freaking cold again I need to grab my sweater. And make some coffee I am really in the mood for coffee. Watch later I’ll get tired and I’ll go to the couch to take a like 30 minute nap and watch the delivery guy show up hahah. Yeah it always happens like that to me. Oh well!

Omg I watched the movie Good Luck Chuck. There was so much nudity haha but you know what it was a really funny movie and I enjoyed watching it. Another one added for my movie challenge competition I got going. So there are some sites doing Secret Santa and I am thinking of doing it myself, so if anyone knows of websites that are doing it leave a comment so I can go and check it out. I think today I’ll start to work on another layout for my collective its way over due, cant promise it will be done any time soon though at the rate that I go lol. Before I leave I wanted to thank my commenters, unfortunately since I changed the theme I have to install the comment plugger again haha ugh thats so annoying anyway so thanks for commenting my lovely visitors Faline, Stephanie, Millie, Sara, Daisy oh and thank you Daisy for the lovely gift she sent me for Thanksgiving.

Thank you Daisy

Isn’t that just too sweet? Again thanks Daisy. Well I got my cup of coffee and my sweater on so lets see what I can come up for my collective layout. Oh I did tell you all I am wanting to change my domain name right? Yeah I got one name but am not too sure about yet. We’ll see huh? Well if this domain redirects than you’ll know, wait I am going to sell this domain name so maybe someone will buy it. *shrugs* not too worried about it at the moment to be honest. Ok I’m off now thanks so much for the comments, and I will or maybe I already have returned them either way I’m going to visit around a bit. Why am I dragging this on lol. Bye bye.


  1. thank you for the kind response on my site.i am sorry you lost your mother.i couldnt imagine what it would be like without my ma.

  2. I heard “Good Luck Chuck” was good but I havent seen it. It usually takes me forever to watch a movie lol! Im boring. I heard about that “free rice” site as well. I think I played once. I dont think I did so well, but I did get to “give” some rice. I think that is a good idea. Its kinda like the click once a days ones for Breast Cancer and for Pest and I believe there is also one for the rain forest.

  3. happy birthday!!!hey i went to that site and got 2,840 grains of rice.the game is a little difficult thought

  4. hola emily, just wanted to wish you a very happy birthday

  5. Oooo! Happy Birthday! I love christmas shopping, but when I go, I end up buying stuff for myself. Haha. Well, I hope you have a wonderfultastic birthday!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday *claps*

    I loved Good Luck Chuck. The scene at the end with the credits kinda scared me though… when the friends are house sitting and think they have stumbled on a homemade porno… Penguin porn xD That was scary and yet funny lol.

  7. Happy Bday to you
    Happy Bday to you
    Happy Bday to Emilyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Happy Bday to youuuuuuuuuuuuu

    haha i hope you have a kick ass day, i posted bout you in my blog hope you dont mind. I have a gift for you, its not much but I hope you like it.

    Ooo whats the big plans? Is that the trip to Scotland? Well if it is I hope you have fantastic time!!!

    Picke your gift up

    hope you get lots of nice things, and lots of bday wishes

  8. Just a quick comment before I go to bed, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you have a lovely day whatever you end up doing! Oh and I love your turkey! So shiny!

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