Archives for January 2008

*Stares Blankly*

I swear thats what I did for about two minutes. Thinking what should I write about. I have a lot on my mind but don’t feel like writing it, much less boring the hell out of visitors. I have a few words with my ex tonight, very unpleasant conversation. I do call her my ex, I have been for a while now. It’s just not working. She is not for me, I can’t handle the way she is. I’m pretty {Read More}

Something New

Well I’m excited because I finally put up a new layout at Kiss-Me.Org so go and visit and leave a comment, I’m excited about the comment thing because for the longest time my comments wouldn’t work. I tried to upgrade but that didnt go too well. Lol. So I just did a fresh install and that went really well. I also changed the layout, have a thing or two to fix but over all I think it’s pretty much done. {Read More}

The Beat Goes On..

Ok so here I am again, and I discovered that my collective domain name had expired and well I thought I lost it for good but I didn’t Yay!! I am so glad because all my fanlistings and stuff is hosted there. So I went and renewed that, and well I guess I have to wait the 24 hours or so for it to propagate so I guess I’ll wait for tomorrow. I am not sure when it went down, {Read More}

I’m Still Around

Wow where did I go. Well just to catch everyone and anyone up to speed my new years was great, had fun and all that. But shortly after the new year we had internet problems and not to mention computer problems so it was one of those things that something always kept happening. Well we had it with talktalk and finally decided to go with sky broadband, this connetion I have now is temporary, we wont really be connected for {Read More}