I’ll be gone for a few days. I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to blog or not, but as you can see I blog every few days, even if I don’t have much to blog about. Sometimes I just do it because it makes me feel better. Right, anyway for the next few days we’ll be doing some heavy packing. I’ve been doing some off and on the last few days since Al left back to London. Al’s returning tonight and we’ll we will be packing non stop, as the movers will be here I believe on Friday, unless that was changed. Plus I need to go and see a few places because I don’t know if I mentioned Al is renting this flat out, and I’ll be returning to America at the end of the year, so it’s working out quite well. So wish me luck on that, and with the packathon!

On Friday we’ll be staying out due to the fact there will be painters in the house. The thing about that is, well I feel, is that I feel uncomfortable leaving strangers in the house and us not being there. Am I the only one that feels this. I mean I’d be happy to stay in the bedroom while they paint, its one room they are painting, including the balcony. How long would that take? Few hours? Well we’ll have no choice but to be here, well until about 1.30 or so, then we need to check into a B&B then I have an appointment later on to do a viewing. It feels like invasion of privacy lol. Am I being paranoid, or do I have the right to feel that. I’m going to try to convince Al we shouldn’t leave until they are done and out. They (the painters) should have all their equipment and supplies with them, so there should be no reason for them to leave or go on an errand to pick anything up.

Last week, we went to rent some storage space, but I really feel that its too small mind you a lot of stuff can be stacked on top of each other being they are lots of boxes. There are some furnishing though that need to go in, so we’ll see. Al’s been telling me that the estate agent hasn’t been really communicating or even making an attempt to get in touch with her, after she leaves messages. I mean Al has someone moving in and she hasn’t even go her phone number or been able to have a one on one talk with her. I know the agency is suppose to represent her, but aren’t they suppose to pass things through her first. Well I think they should, what kind of agency keeps the owner clueless? Al’s even thought about pulling out because of the way they are handling things, I don’t blame her either, but at the same time she don’t want to lose this tenant. Argg we’ll see what happens, Al has plans of changing agencies anyway.

It seems like I write a lot but I think it’s because the font is a wee big on the blog, I think I may make it smaller so it don’t seem like I wrote a book lol. I added another 2 plugins to wordpress, you’ll see them when and if you leave a comment, you will leave a comment won’t you? lol. At least for the sake of seeing them haha. Anyway so i always post the image of a movie I had seen recently but I don’t give much feedback on the movie, I don’t because I don’t want to ruin the movie, sometimes I do if I really liked the movie, but other than that I just post a picture of the DVD cover at the beginning of my blog, but I just may make the image itself clickable to view the information on it, or I may throw it in at the end of my blog, one or the other lol. Last blogs was a movie I have not seen yet but I have and I do want to see it, it was Prom Night, looks like it’s going to be a good movie. So this blogs is The Chair its a drama/horror/thriller the actress I’m not too fond of I don’t know why, but the movie itself was good. Click on the link and check out the page and watch the trailer. If you’re into those type of movies, you’ll enjoy it. Right I guess I’ll stop here, as its gotten long anyway. Have a great week/weekend everyone!


  1. aw, thanks so much for adding me to your exchange i really appreciate it. i like the site you have here as well (xoxo) i really like the extra stats you have for your blog and the spam count, that’s unique. will totally check back in with yah

  2. First of all, thank you for coming by my site May 31 and for the concern of my daughter. Sorry I did not say something sooner but my computer crashed and my BOYFRIEND (the 1st ex husband I was blogging about – THANK YOU FOR THE LUCK BTW, IT HELPED!) just sent me his laptop to work off of.

    Good luck on the packing. I know how stressful it can be. I am still trying to move back in with my parents and it has been 5 months.

    You are NOT being paranoid about the painters. My soon to be 2nd ex husband does hardwood floors and people are suppose to be out of the house while they are doing there thing . . . he is a known theif and a dope head! I am not saying all home improvement crews are like that but you get the occassional jerks and you don’t know what they would be stealing or smoking while you are gone. If you HAVE to be out of the house, here is my advice, take a picture of all of your stuff that you are worried about (exactly were they are at) and then right the date on the pictures. You can even let the owner of the painting crew know that you have pictures of everything in the exact places (they don’t have to know that you did not take pictures of everything, unless you wanted to take one of everything) and dates on the pictures. Show him a few to prove you mean business. I know that all seems a little excessive, but if you are REALLY worried, it is not a bad idea (especially if you get a crew like my soon to be 2nd ex husband). Good luck with everything and I pray you don’t have any problems.

    Oooo Prom Night does look like it will be a good movie. When my boyfriend comes up for the 4th of July, we are going to go see “Indiana Jones” and “The Incredible Hulk”. I was hoping he wouldn’t be up for another couple weeks after the 4th of July because I wanted to include The Dark Knight (sequal to Batman Begins) in with our movie outing.

    Anyway, take care.

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