Help me win The Bangles tickets

That is right, this post is going to be only that, I think lol. I have entered a contest that will run for less than 7 days and I need every possible person to click my link, so I am going to be going everywhere to leave comments and I hope that it will generate enough people coming here to win the tickets. Since I was a little girl, I had always dreamt about going to Paris, I never dreamt I would be living in England and being all that much closer to going to Paris, but to be able to do that and see The Bangles wow that is just an amazing thing to happen. So I am asking all my visitors, affiliates, friends and anyone who is willing to help, to please click on my link and help me get closer to that childhood dream! I would be ever so grateful! And if you are a fan of The Bangles, then please go join their fanlisting, which I happen to run lol.

The banner is below, click it, and it will take you to a site, there you will see another banner, click that and it will take you to a french page and that is all you need to do, I wish it was simpler than that, but that’s how it works. Thank you all for helping me out.

Click the link, then the big banner

Thank you all a million times over!! Have a fantastic week! And don’t forget about Buy A Friend A Book, if you are curious what it is about, the banner is on the sidebar and you can read all about it there.


  1. Well I clicked the banner. Good luck with the contest, hope you win!!

  2. Well, I clicked on both things for you! I would hope my random visitors would do the same for me!! Good luck!!

  3. OK, I’ll help you but yu must promise to walk like an Egyptian all the way to the auditorium….

    Click, click. DONE! Good luck!

  4. I clicked for you! good luck

  5. good luck i clicked!

  6. I clicked! I hope you get it!!!!

  7. I just clicked the link. Hope you win the tickets!

  8. I clicked for you!!!

  9. I clicked for you! good luck Emily!!!!!!

    (ps please visit my site :D)

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