It Takes So Long

For the last week, I’ve been working on converting all my fan listings from fanbase to enthusiast, I spoke of this last time I posted I believe, and well yeah I am still doing it. I’m on my 72nd fanlisting (i have 75, not including the other listings, yikes), I really am shocked at how many I have I didn’t think I had that many lol damn talk about obsessed, no but there are people worse than me, I have closed one, adopted out another, I submitted for only one other fanlisting and I was approved, but other than that I have been a good girl and have not added anything. So I came to see my site see how it is and then seen how long it had been since I updated. Stuff has happened, good and bad but that’s how life goes at times you know? It’s not always going to be good. Never seems to be for me anyway, I know I should be a bit more positive but sometimes you just come to accept things as they are, and love is one of them. It sucks is all I have to say. So apart from that I did finally install wordpress at and I’m happy with how it looks for now. I had to stop work on that site since this new development with my listings happened, I knew I’d be crazy working fixing them all. I’m getting closer to being done though, will be very happy when I am.

As for home life, well it’s just there. Things have to be done, its like a roller coaster ride again, same shit different day, I hate it so I will spare you any of the boring details. I finally upgraded my script at my collective, and I’m happy that went smoothly. So that’s about all. Oh I am way over half way done with the book [twilight] I am loving it so much, it actually has brought me to tears in some places, make me laugh in others and some I’m all like “aww”, its a beautiful book. What else let me see? Hmm can’t think of anything. I really just been working on this conversion thing it’s really so time consuming and on going that I don’t do much else apart from maybe jump on facebook or myspace but that’s never for too long. Right okay I think I shall go now because I have more to do still, and I don’t feel like have them shut down on me, after all my work. I’ll leave you all with a nice song by the Plain White T’s that I like. Have a great week everyone!



  1. hey girl whats up. i didnt know you had your own personal site.. i thought you only had pixelfx.. i love your site.. its tight.. so what you been up too? you back in the states? oh and i joined twitter right and you know where it says see if you have anyone on your contact list if they have twitter, i did that and you popped up.. my sn is Mowet.. add me… take care.. visit me at *l8tr!

  2. congrats on the updates for your other sites!
    I still have not yet started reading those Twilight books!
    I hear they`re REALLY good.

  3. I’ve read the first three Twilight books, but I have yet to read the newest one. However, Jordon and I *did* go see the Harold&Kumar movie, and it was GREAT. I have it on DVD now. The Unrated version really isn’t that much different, though.

  4. Yeah, I love Enthusiast, it’s great.

    I really want to read Twilight but I promised myself that I would finish the Vampire Chronicles first.

  5. Hi Emily :), how you’ve been? I just wanted to stop by and say hi.

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