Happy New Year!

Wow I can’t believe it’s finally here 2009!! I hope you all had a great time ringing in the New Year! I did, I spent it with my sister, her partner and daughter, it was really nice. I missed my family so much! I spend Christmas with them as well, and I also visited my two other brothers, and my father, so it has been a wonderful Christmas, exactly what I wanted. Being gone 3 years and not celebrating things the way you are so use to, well let’s just say I missed it, I missed everything. But on the other hand I miss my best mate Alice! Sooo much, we promised we’d spend next holidays here, withy my sister and we’d make a big thing of it, I can’t wait! So much I want to show her, so many places I want to go.

So there is not much to really say about New Years, except that I wish all the health, happiness, success and prosperity to all my visitors new and old. I hope for a lot of good things this year. I have too many resolutions to even begin to tell you what they are so I won’t lol. Oh gosh not long ago we had snow over here where I’m staying, it was so beautiful, I’ll have to muster up some photos to show you. Anyway I just came to post a little something, and wish everyone a Happy New Year, and hope you are all well.

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