Netflix Rocks~

It really does, rock that is! I mean we can even use PS3 to be able to watch films or TV shows from Netflix, it’s just so awesome. We are catching up with LOST, and a few other shows. I can’t brag enough about it. I’m sure there are a lot of people that agree with me. So the weekend is almost over, dinner is in the oven and I am getting hungry. We haven’t rearranged the living room and the other room yet. We talked about it this weekend. The main desktop computer is the one that is connected to the router and all. Unfortunately it don’t have a wireless card, so I am searching around for the best place to get one. So that when we do move the stuff, basically switch the rooms, the router can stay in this room and the computer area can be moved to the other room. Gosh sounds complicated it don’t it? It really isn’t though. Its one of those “you have to be here to understand” type things William is having fun playing a game on Playstation, he played for hours on Saturday, I didn’t say anything I wanted to see how long it took for him to get burned out. It was about 4 or 5 lol. Some of those games are very addictive!

Oh I finally finished, well sort of with Kiss-Me.Org, it has a new look and I am using WordPress on all my websites, well main domains anyway, actually except at as I don’t need wordpress there lol. But my other domains are running wordpress. Gosh it’s so much easier to maintain. I had FanUpdate at Kiss-Me but it was limited, and there weren’t anymore upgrades being done, so it was time to change. I’m happier now. I will also be changing the directory I am running at List-Me.Com, as it’s unsafe from what I have been reading for some time now. I’ll be happy once it has been converted. I really hope it goes well without a problem. Last thing I need is problems.

I had been chatting to Alice lately, and I kind of threw the idea out to her about, having a blog with me. So we are throwing the idea around. Alice is from England, and I’m here in the Massachusetts so that would be kind of cool. I’m sure she will have lot of things to contribute to the blog. I know I will I spoke with Steve not too long ago, actually last night. He was on a overnight at his job. So he was a bit bored and I like to keep him company, so the night can go quicker for him. I have a lot of fun talking to Steve, he’s such a special friend to me. He is always there to talk to me, when I’m feeling down, it helps because it really does work. He has the touch I guess. He’s a great listener.


  1. Aw lovely blog. .. and yes .. I sure will hon… x

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