Did You Get Pranked Yet?!

Happy April Fool’s Day, now I would like very much to pull a prank on someone, but I don’t know who, or what to do. So I have to think fast haha!! Did you get pranked yet? I haven’t, I don’t expect to either, I don’t believe anyone has ever pranked me. Ahh well they are too scared to prank me So before I go on, I wanted to wish my good friend Derek a very happy birthday!! I don’t know if I would’ve liked to be born on April Fool’s Day, he must get pranked a lot hehe. Or maybe not, I should ask him. Happy birthday hun!

I think before I finish this post, I’m going to turn out getting distracted a few times. It always happens to me. I’m also trying to think of good pranks. Well had a few interruptions, but now I am having my lunch and trying to finish this, as I list another item on eBay, oh yeah I sold something last night, yay I’m so happy. Keep buying eBayers!!

Early this morning, after William left for work, I felt like having my coffee and bagel and watching a film. So I checked Netflix, and found this film called Mockingbirds Don’t Sing, it’s based on true events, it was such a sad story about this girl that was born into this odd family, and was abused as a child, kept in isolation up until she was like 13 or so. Authorities finally discovered her when her mother went to Social Services seeking help for herself!! Hah never mind the poor girl, she was so malnourished, didn’t speak, because she was kept in isolation since she was a baby. My gosh it’s horrible to think this was a true story. The things this poor girl went through. My gosh, mostly at the hands of her father, her mother was blind but she heard what was going on. I don’t believe there was any sexual abuse but definitely emotional, and physical. Well it was an interesting film go watch, my heart goes out to the little girl “Katie”.

I’m bound to finish this post, it’s going on 3:15 pm, I know you probably think “Gosh take out 20 mins to write your post and be done with it” lol. Unfortunately I don’t work like that, I do it my way and I’m happy with that. I was browsing twitter, well the updates, and someone posted the link to WholeFoods as they have an April Fools Day website up (it’s really silly), so I thought I’d share that with you. Since I have never been to it when it don’t have one up, I’m curious to see how boring the regular one will look like, so I’ll look for that tomorrow hehe.

Oh yes last night I seen the season finale of V, I really like this show, I just wish they wouldn’t be postponing it for other shows, once the new season starts I hope it will be consistent. There is one episode left, although they lead us to believe there is no 6th episode, according to the way the last episode ended, but looking on the profile for that show at IMDB, it states there is a 6th, so we will see on the 6th of April!

It feels rather warm in here, I hope the heater reset it self, I guess I should go look. Ok well have a lovely day, and don’t let the pranks get to you hehe.


  1. I have no idea how I managed it but I never got pranked once this year… surprising really. And I never even thought to prank anyone.

    Mockingbirds Don’t Sing sounds sad but good. I tried to sign up for Netflix’s free trial but apparently it’s not available to Canadians… too bad.

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