Summer Is Ending

Happy September everyone! And what does that mean? Yup, summer is ending, gosh it’s true, summer is almost over, and I am very relieved hehe. Because all I did all summer is complain about the humidity, and well that’s too bad it’s just going to happen. Anyway so I have been busy with my eBay thing. And all during that, I had recently not been feeling very good. Just one day I woke up and my lower back started to hurt me. I think I seen it coming on. I would wake up and my back would be a bit stiff, I didn’t quite understand why. Then suddenly the back pain hit OMGGGG, this had gone on for like almost 2 weeks, oh pain. If I sat for a long period of time, I would be stiff as a board, getting up in the morning was painful. William was an angel with me and was very supportive, rubbed icey hot on my lower back. I mean gosh isn’t he just the coolest ever? Yeah i’m pretty lucky to have such a sweet and helpful guy like William around. Funny I was just going to message him, just to see how he’s doing and his message box pops up hehe. We were thinking of each other at the exact moment, I love when that happens. He’s on his way home, he sounded tired, poor baby. So anyway, yeah the back thing. Ok so I am happy that I’m recovering, again I don’t know why it happened, I looked up some stuff before in one of my past 2 blogs I think I wrote about it. Anyway I’m happy. I still have a slight achyness on my right rear side lol. OH gosh and then like half a week after that, I rush myself trying to climb on the bed to get something across the other side, and I strain my knee, UGH!!!! Like if I didn’t already have enough pains and aches, I’m a mess!!! Well I’m healing nicely, and I’ll just have to be more careful.

So I think I’m getting tired of this wordpress theme. So I started looking around for another free wordpress theme, as I’m just way too lazy to try to learn to make my own, and some are just too dang expensive lol. I don’t have the time I use to. So I come across a few good websites, one in particular. If you wanna download wordpress templates ? Than I suggest you visit they have so many wordpress themes, they provide you with screen shots of the themes, I have already downloaded a few to try one for size and see how I feel about them, I like this one that has some plaid in it. I fancied plaid for awhile not, so I thought why not, and it’s pink. I am such a pink fanatic seriously, it’s like everything I want in pink. William found me some duct tape in pink, I should of asked him to get me it lol. Anyway William will be home soon, we are having chicken tonight, wooho. Oh just wanted to say Steve I hope you had a good flight, and hope you enjoy your vacation with your wife in the west coast, say hi to my sister for me while you are in the area hehe. Ok I should go now. Have a great rest of the week.

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