Free Product Samples

I am one that loves to get free samples, I just recently started really taking advantage of that. I mean if you try something free, and you like it, well then you discovered something that you never would otherwise have bought, especially if its a big package! Imagine if you did buy something that a friend ‘said’ would be good, and you turned out hating it, but forced yourself to use it? I would hate that, so with samples, how can you lose? You don’t pay for them right

I find it pretty amazing that companies are offering free samples by mail, online freebies, free trial offers and other hundreds of other things, hey even free cell phones, wow hey? You really don’t lose much checking the websites out, there are hundreds literally all over the net, and not you can also find them on twitter, and facebook! There is always something interesting to find on these websites, things for children, new and great products that are just coming out and companies want to get the word out, take advantage of the free stuff companies are giving out!! These days you are finding, free movies online, free online games, my gosh all types of things. If you have ever recieved samples, leave a comment, I would love to hear about your experience.

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