I Think It’s Really Here

Yeah Fall is definitely here. Oh my goodness I can feel it in my bones, literally lol. No joking. My knees hurt more, when it’s cold. I can’t really have the windows open anymore, although I have to say less bugs come inside, I’m such a bugophobic haha, you know what I mean. I hate bugs like no one has ever seen. I think if someone ever played a really cruel joke on me that involved bugs like spiders or crickets. I think I would have a heart attack. I’m not kidding you. I would scream and run around like a chicke without a head, that’s just crazy, don’t ever do that, because I’ll hate you lol.

So I briefly talked with William about this awesome new phone coming out the Samsung Nexus, I have a couple of videos to share, but the features oh my goodness, it rocks totally rocks. It’s suppose to come out in November of 2011, and WE are so excited about it. Anything is better then our crapberry Anyway it really looks so impressive. Here is a quick video I found, not the best, but I’m sure more will be coming soon.


There is one video, I’ll have to insert the code once I post it, as managewp doesn’t have the ability to embed a video yet, but I’m sure it will come around soon enough. Anyway the first video, shows face recognition to unlock your phone, cool hey?? The video below shows how to take a panoramic photo. it’s pretty amazing, as it does it for you. It’s a very long video, so I hope I put it so you can go direction to that section, if not then go to 22m50s and you will see how he takes that panoramic photo. I thought it was so cool. There have been times I have wanted to take a photo like that, but just didn’t have the camera handy to do it. Even though it would of been in sections, this does it for you, so so very impressive

Ok I hope I didn’t mess these videos up haha, but I will fix them if I did. Anyway, they come out early November, I still have a ways to go until we can upgrade our phones, not until the new year unfortunately, but it gives us time to see what else comes out that is amazing hey? I’m pretty excited.

So apart from all that, I’m just trying to still move my websites, and close the ones I no longer have interest in or time for that matter. I do want to keep the web directory, but that just needs a whole overhaul haha. As for pixelfx, well I think I may let that go, but I am going to hold on to the domain, and try to get a good price for it, because I think it’s worth money And as for my collective, that is already moving as well, most of it has moved, I just need to close up my blog, as I don’t and won’t blog on it anymore, except for updates and the sort. As that’s all it’s for. Anyway this is way too long, so I apologise lol. I need to go anyway. Have a good one everyone.

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