What? Flurries? Srsly?

So I’m a bit sick, and I decided to do laundry last night, because I knew I was not going to want to do it early today. The reason why I say is because I felt that I would feel sicker, and well I did. Anyway just glad I got it done. So today feeling ill I didn’t feel like doing much. I really do think I should close the window in this room, it’s only open a few inches, so it shouldn’t be that bad, I keep it open just to keep some fresh air coming in here.

Anyway as I was saying, after laundry last night. William was outside and he called me out to the door. He said, ‘look up at the light post’ so I did, and he’s like ‘are those flurries?’ I’m like no it’s just rain, and not even a few seconds after that, did I start to see flurries, WOW. It’s not even Halloween yet, and we got flurries.

Oh and earlier today, on twitter, they showed some snow on Gillette Stadium, I’m like WOW. Ok that don’t surprise me, because last year, we went to a football game (or was it the year before) lol, probably the year before, and it was suppose to only rain (I wasn’t exactly prepared for snow), and yes it snowed, ONLY in that city, I was like WTF? haha. Anyway so yeah it snowing there didn’t surprise me the least bit.

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