They Are Scarce

I couldn’t find a cute or cool theme for Halloween, this is the best I could do, I didn’t have much time to really check. And I’m not feeling well so I thought I would just try to fix this up, as it will only be up for a few more day, then it comes down. But I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. Be safe out there.

We did some shopping today, yeah ran to a few stores an what not. Really upset with Walmart as they didn’t have the pull type of laundry hampers, the one I have I bought there when I moved to MA, and now they don’t have any *shocked* seriously I was WTF!!! So we were passing Kmart, and I asked William would you mind? He said sure, and again NOTHING how much does that piss me off GRRR!!! If it was going to be like this, I would of done all my shopping at Target, we had passed like 2 of them too, AHH I’m so mad hehe.

Gosh I am getting sicker, or maybe it’s just being out, and having some rain fall on me lol. It was funny, but it was fun I have to say. I really enjoyed it today.

So the news states that there may be some snow fall. WOW I really can’t believe it, according to what the radio said, back in 2005 I think they got some snow. Gosh I’m not sure now lol. Well something like that. Well it’s kinda nice to be here to see history being made! Gosh it’s cold and I want to get downstairs and hang out with William watch some TV shows or films, whatever you know, just quality time together. I love that guy so much, he is so awesome! He just is, read my twitter and you will know why Okay gotta go, have a good one and be safe out there!

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