What’s Tomorrow?

Well tomorrow is a landmark date, yes 11-11-11, what will you be doing this Friday? Anything special? To remember this day that will only come once in our lifetime. Wow! What a concept, imagine never seeing that date ever again, I guess we’re lucky in that way. I don’t know what I’ll be doing, probably the same stuff as usual, lol. I seen on TV earlier, that people may be doing crazy things on that day. Seems to have something to do with numerology or something. I didn’t really listen to it all, maybe I should of but I didn’t lol.

Today I had a shit load of laundry to do, plus it was raining, not a fan of the two combined, but I got it done, better than going out in blistering hot weather, then I would be an ultra grouch, which you don’t want to be around, trust me lol.

OMG I totally got distracted, and forgot I was writing this blog, the reason is because I’m considering making a photoblog section on one of my sites, so I was doing some stuff with that lmao, oh well. I will write again soon. I just wished I didn’t forget about this, gosh I hate when I do that hahaha. But it’s that time, to go chill with my wonderful boyfriend William!

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