Beautiful Day Out

We had a shopping trip today to Target, but we decided to check Walmart to see if the prices were less for what we were looking for and they were. I have to blame myself for breaking our portable heater, last year I got zapped (static electricity) and the off function wouldn’t work anymore. So we resorted to unplugging and plugging in, I know that probably could of been dangerous but thank the Lord that it hadn’t caused a fire or anything.

Seems like I really attract static electricity. I have long hair down to my bum, the air is dry so my hair tends to grab on the the static for some reason, plus if I don’t lotion myself up, my hands will get static, and well we know some clothing will grab on to static as well. Ugh what a pain, I love the Fall/Winter here, but I can do without the constant zapping due to static electricity, I’m not the only one this happens to. William laughs when I get zapped, it drives me crazy!

Oh speaking of Fall, while out I try to take a few photos, with my CrapBerry lol! I can’t wait until the new year, a new lovely mobile phone. Anyway, so I took a few photos, and I think I’ll share some with you. Some are just as we are driving and we make a stop at a light or stop sign, and I try to take something, because I see it with my eyes, I just want to capture it through the lens. I’m only going to share a handful, don’t want to bore people with tons of photos.

U Mass of Dartmouth I had the urge to run down the field and make them all start flying, but i didn't

This looks like a very tranquil place to sit, and read a book, or just have a sit and enjoy nature. I just love the Fall here in Mass, gorgeous colors in the trees, so breath taking a times.

Ok those are the few I thought I’d share with you. I did mention a photoblog, still haven’t started that, but I am going to make one. I don’t think I’ll write much, it’s just going to be photos of what I try to capture through the camera lens, and in my head. I think it’ll be fun. Anyway I think that’s it for now. I hope this post gets to my blog, I’ve had some problems with manageWP, I love the fact I can post to more than one blog, but it’s been missing one of my blogs, grr lol. I’ll sort it. Anyway, have a lovely weekend all.

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