Happy Thanksgiving

It’s upon us, it’s like tomorrow! Yeah Thanksgiving. This year we are going to Williams uncle Steve’s house to have a super nice Thanksgiving dinner. I have never been there, so I will feel awkward as I usually do lol. I had a blouse picked out for Thanksgiving, I tried it on last night, and didn’t like how it looked, so I was a bit disappointed about that. So have to pick another, which I’m okay with, it’s a cheery looking blouse. Hope it’s not too cold tomorrow or I’ll freeze my ass off in it. I have been wanting to get another coat, for just going out, not really being in the snow or anything. Like going to dinner, and taking it off in a restaurant or house, you know what I mean. We ladies seem to want a coat for every occasion hehe.

So anyway, since I may not be home much of the day tomorrow, to be quite honest I don’t even know what time we are going lol. I’m thinking 4ish? Anyway, so I won’t be doing a Thanksgiving post. So let this be my Thanksgiving post. I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving, don’t over eat, and please drive safely out there.

I just had a few thoughts of what it was like when I was younger and my mother was still alive, and we had the big Thanksgiving dinners at home. Gosh how I miss those. I’m happy these days just having a simple Thanksgiving dinner with my wonderful William. I’m also thinking about how I have missed out on having children. It saddens me, but at the same time I think about how rough my life has been and I wouldn’t have wanted to put any children of mine through all the crap I had lived through.

I guess it’s true, ‘there is a reason for everything’

At least that’s how I try to see things, even the bad things. I won’t lie, all my life I wondered what my little girl or little boy would look like. That wonderful unconditional love they give you. Gosh I feel so lonely thinking about that. Although I have my wonderful William. He is just everything to me. All this talk about kids reminds me of the time in the past that I thought my middle brother was never going to have children as well, and then suddenly his wife was pregnant, I was so very happy for him. I just finally connected with my nephew on facebook and I’m so happy. I really am. I want to be part of all my niece and nephews lives, it’s so hard being so far away. I love them all.

Alright now, we don’t want all this to be all sad and stuff, so we need to keep it light, and be Thankful for all the good we have in our lives now. With that said, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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