30 Days of Truth: Day 2

30 days of truthSo today is day 2, question is ‘Something you love about yourself’. Ok well again like the last question there are a few things I can think of, but one that really seems to stand out in my mind is friendship. How I know that I am a good friend, once a person let’s me into their life. The problem with that was that, when I gave, the other person gave to a point, and then I get back stabbed, with that happening frequently I decided to not give as much, or at least too overly cautious, it was hard for me to trust, but when I did, I was and am the best friend anyone can ever want or have.

Day 2: Something You Love About Yourself.

I have the best friend I could ever want in my life, William, I tell him everything, I know we don’t disclose all our little secrets we have thrown and hidden in the dusty closet, but close enough. And I hope he feels the same about me. We have this very special friendship, that goes very deep. He’s what you can call my best friend ever. And I would never betray that. Friendship is important, but sometimes you aren’t so lucky to find those friends that will be ever lasting. That is how it is in my case, and I come to accept it. I’m just glad I have this special guy in my life, that I can share all my happy memories with, and that is the kind of friend that I like having.

I got day 2 out of the way I guess lol. Oh I changed my blog links to it’s own page, as I knew that I would be adding to it, and the way this theme is set up, it would just take up way too much space on my sidebar, so for now they reside on their own little page, which you can find at the top, labled “Blog Love”, under Exits. I say I’m going to be adding lots more over time, because I joined these to great websites, one is thesitsgirls.com and the blogaholicnetwork.com, both are really great websites, if you are looking to find blogs that you can relate with.

On the Blogaholics Newtwork, I started a group (we’ll see how it does) for bloggers with no kids. There are so many mommy blogs out there (don’t get me wrong you guys are amazing at what you do), and they can relate with each other so much, duh because they have kids, but what about those bloggers that don’t have kids, and would like to follow bloggers that don’t have kids, since they don’t well I started the group and if you are interested by all means join. Ok so maybe this may not go anywhere, but it mighty, so why not give it a go hey? Come on join Bloggers with No Kids today!

Ok that’s it for me, have a great week!

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