Yup His Turn Now

I’m really so happy I got all my Christmas shopping done for William, that is such a relief, he is going to be so surprised, I hope he likes what I got him. Speaking of shopping, he told me (since it’s his day off), that he is going shopping for me. I asked him, ‘You have no idea what you are getting me are you?’, he says ‘None what so ever’, hahaha. Since there is only one care in this household and he uses it for work, I did all my shopping online, which was pretty good because I got loads of great deals. So I’m really happy about that, and I think he will be too

Have you ever gone shopping for something, tried it at the store, thought it was awesome! Brought it home and then it just didn’t work out as good as you thought. Well that’s what happened to me. William got me this awesome new office chair, that I am using, but after a while it’s not as comfortable as I wanted it to be. I feel like I’m leaning forward. Perhaps this chair was made for this to lean forward, not sure, than again I have a lot of junk in my trunk haha. Not to mention I have short legs, and I probably can lower this chair a bit. I still love it, and he knows I love and appreciate him getting it, because it’s 100x better than the last one.

I’ve got most of my Christmas cards done, I asked William to pick up another few boxes, which he got at a great price at Walgreens, yay for Walgreens. So now I can finish up what is left! The problem sometimes is, that people don’t get back to me with current addresses, so I email or message them to ask for an update. I just hope they reply soon. I need to send these out today! Ok with that said. I’m going to go finish those up.

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