Sleepaway Camps Rock!

Remember when you were a kid, and you went off to camp every summer? Remember how much fun you had? Sure you were a bit scared, and probably home sick too, but oh the fun you had!! Well don’t you want your kids to have that much fun too? I know I would! Not only for my kids, but my niece and nephews and my friends kids, gosh just about every kid I can think of should experience such an awesome time. And you don’t have to be a little kid, a young teen can have just as much fun! I tell you something, they will have those memories forever, and it’s a great time for the kids to have fun during summer, and the parents get to relax and exhale, hahah!

But how do you pick a good sleepaway camp? There are tons to look at on the internet, and you can always go by word of mouth as well. But let me recommend two websites, Tips On Trips and Camps, this is a great Sleepaway Camp source, another fantastic source is American Camp Association, check it out, see if they live up to what you want for your child from a sleepaway camp, they are after all going to be there for the entire summer. I feel it also needs to appeal to the children as well as the parents. They are the ones that are going to be there, and you are the ones that are going to pay for it These are fantastic websites, they have so much information, I think they will have just about answered every question possible, not to mention photos so you see what the place looks like.

I’m so excited just thinking about it. It reminds me of how when I was a kid I was looking forward to summer camp, and my kids will as well, and so will their kids. So what are you waiting for, go check them out, see what the sleepaway camps the have available.

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