30 Days Of Truth: Day 5

Well I don’t know what is up with me. I just felt like doing another one of these yay! Haha, I wish I could put sound effects to my blog, so when you see ‘yay’, you can also hear it, yeah it would get annoying after awhile, then again I don’t do it much, maybe once in a blog post. Okay here goes with Day 5!

Question: Something you hope to do in your life.

Wow, well I’m getting way way hehe, up there in age, and it’s probably too late to even go there, but I have wanted to have a baby, and I just haven’t been able to. I’m broken, but I’m living with it. Have not seen a doctor about it, figured, if the good Lord didn’t want me to have one, then he has his reasons. Is that dumb to think like that? I don’t know, maybe. But it is, what it is.

William, has no children either, and believe me I have seen him first hand with his niece and nephews, and he is awesome. So I can imagine him being an excellent father. Oh how I wish I could give him that. But he said that he is okay with it, and in some ways I feel like, deep down inside, he may resent me down the line. I know crazy talk hey? But any person in my position would think that too. And I guess I’m just a lucky one, that has someone that loves her, even if she can’t give him children. Some guys leave their partner, but I know, it’s something that well is an individual choice. The guy wants kids, you can’t give him any, then he’s out of there. Hopefully not so cold hearted like I made that sound, but you get my point.

Well that’s it, I may not write again until after Christmas, so Merry Christmas to everyone!! I’ll see you soon.

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