Days Of Truth: Day 6

Okay so today we are going to do another Days Of Truth, if you are curious as to what I’m talking about, it’s a meme I started in October 2011, so you may want to go back into my archives and find it, and read what it’s all about. I would link you to it, but I’m feeling lazy right about now, sorry. Search feature is up there, or try via the calendar as well.

Day 6: Something you hope you never have to do.

That’s a good one. I would say have to say goodbye to my mother, but that already happened, it was one of the toughest times in my life. I will always miss my mother. Apart from that, gosh I think it would be to say goodbye to William, I can’t imagine life without him. I can live life without him, but I don’t like to imagine it. We are so well suited for each other. I don’t want to come off as being super dependent on him, but I deeply love him, and hope to marry that sweet man one day. I don’t know when, but maybe one day. Other than that, it would be to have to commit murder, I would do it, if it meant saving someones live, especially those close to me, but I hope I would never have to do it. I guess that’s two things hey?

Well there you go, that’s my answer. I probably could add a lot to that, but I think I will leave it like that. Anyway, I got to feeling guilty so here is the link to the meme in full, if you are interested in doing it as well. I find it to be fun, and it really makes you think about things, some things we want to actually forget as well *sigh* anyway here is the link, please leave me a comment if you do it, I would love to go and read what you have to say.

Well with that said. I have things I need to do, I did a lot of laundry that I’d like to put away later. I’m just happy it’s washed, and William was able to be here to help me. He’s my little laundry helper hehe, naw actually he takes the hampers up the stairs for me, because I usually fill those things up so much, they get to be too heavy for me. So when he can help, I truly appreciate it. Okay need to go now. Have a great first week of the year!

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