A Little Of This & That!

I feel like I am every where lately. I’m trying to work on multiple things at once. Does that make things go slower? Perhaps, but it gives me satisfaction that I’m doing something, and not just forgetting about everything and focusing on one thing. I try to spread my time over several things. Although I have to admit I am focusing a little more on the directory, which I am diligently working on. I’m almost close to being done, and I’m really excited about that!

I’m still debating about Pixelfx, not too sure about it. I want it to be a tutorial website, but I don’t have the time for that at all. So thought it could be a great place for resources, my posts would be to other tutorials and websites with resources. I know there are a lot of websites like that, but I thought it would be cool. I can get picky and such. Again I’m not sure, I just know that I don’t want to have the tutorials I have on there now, to remain on there. And my blog its going to be gone as well. Basically going to start from scratch! If I could sell it for a good price, I would!

So today is the Patriots game. I am really revved up for it, so excited here. I will be enjoying that with my sweetheart William, woohoo! Go Patriots! They beat the Broncos last time they went head to head, and I expect them to beat them this time too. We’ll see, I’m sure its going to be very exciting!! Damn it would be so freaking awesome to be there!

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