Super Bowl The #Patriots Are Coming!!

Hell yeah!! The Patriots are on their way to the Super Bowl, the football game of all games, and they are going. I am so proud of them boys, they did such a great job, and played so well as a team. Gosh I almost had tears in my eyes when they won!! WOOHOO!!! I’m incredibly excited to see the game. I can only wish to actually be there with William, it would be a dream of his so much. So yeah of course I’m going to enter him into anything I can find that can possibly win us some tickets! Wish us luck!

So we had a beautiful snow fall that didn’t last long. But I got a chance to capture a few pictures. Not as much as I would of loved to, but I snapped a few! I have been ill for the past week, and it has kept in indoors, trust me that is torture hehe. No but it was so beautiful, I was awake ill when it first started to come down, I wanted to run outside with my camera, but knew I would pay dearly for it later, so I didn’t.

I got a new pair of glasses today, they have this really cute design on the side, and the side is a little on the pinkish side, but now it’s a bit distracting. I figured it would be, but I felt hey it’s worth it, and I’ll get use to it.

Aren’t they cute? I think they are. I’m not use to having anything on the side, but I’m sure it’ll be fine, and I’ll get use to them. They didn’t have what I was really looking for but this is pretty close.

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