When Is It A Good Time To Cut Your Hair?

When is it? I have pondered that question for a number of years, when is long too long? I really don’t know, I think it’s up to the individual. I was doing laundry this morning, I put my clothing into the dryer and went to have a seat. I sit down, and then move to adjust myself, just to get my head pulled back!! I’m thinking “What the frig?”, again my hair was caught between my back and the back of the chair. So very annoying. This has happened on many occasions. Believe me, its quite irritating.

When I sleep at night, I can’t leave it down, because it becomes a big mess by morning lol. I seriously look demented if I don’t put my hair up or in a braid.I can’t really master that braid thing, so I put it into a ponytail and then have it kind of folded in half, on the last round of putting my hair through the band, I pull it half way, so it hangs half the size or so of the length of my hair. Believe me that is so much better, and comforatable. There have been times before I did this, that William would move around and land on my hair, and I would go to move, and I can’t move my head because he’s laying on my hair, lol. Ok that had to stop right there!!

I can go on about other things, but I won’t just a sample or tow haha. Those that have long hair, know what I am talking about. So now I have come down to, what do I do. I love LOVE and ADORE my hair, but it’s just gotten to be a bother now. So I don’t want to go completely pixie style or anything, that just wouldn’t look right on me. I like volume. So I thought maybe layers would be a good idea, it would give me a chance to start using my hot rollers again. I can’t now I have just too much hair, and by the time I finish the curl is gone

So I did some looking around for hairstyles and what I find attractive, and more what I am looking for. So I have some photos to share with you I found when I googled layers Oh first I thought about getting a nice short bob, but then I thought, damn when it’s cold my hair keeps my back warm hehe. I thought something like this at first as far as a bob went.

But I thought against it after thinking about it for a long long period of time. I finally thought, yeah I’ll go with a layered look, I can do more with that then I would a bob hehe. So I found a few photos of what I would like my hair cut to look like, wish me luck when I finally get brave enough to go and do it lol. I thought it would be great because even though I wear glasses, I do like my hair to be in my face, because I don’t like my high cheekbones, so I try to hid them as best I can lol.

I thought that looks close to what I would like, but the whole layered look from behind is what I was concerned about, because like I said, I like volume, and I want to be able to use my hot rollers, and have a lot of fullness to my hair, so the layers would have to be long opposed to short, and this is what I get scared, what if they cut off too much OMG I would not pay them haha. I probably would I’m just saying that because I would be so upset! So I came across this photo although small you get the idea of what I mean by layers.

As long as it has fullness and volume I’m happy. Of course by using hot rollers, that is how I would achieve the fullness, because my hair is thin, something I don’t like I have actually considered using extension for fullness. Like when I go out and such. But I haven’t yet. We’ll see what happens, but wish me luck?!


  1. @Lisa: Lisa to be honest, I haven’t got my hair cut yet. I am still in the stage of debate, fear, confused. I’m still not sure which way to go. I wear glasses, so I am a bit hesitant on the bangs. but thank you for asking

  2. Emily, so what happened!?!?! as a hair analyzer myself I could totally relate to your research. I want to see the new ‘do’!
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  3. Have you ever had short hair? It is REALLY hard to grow your hair once you cut it. It is irritating.

    I had long curly hair until the end of 8th grade. I have never had it as long as my shoulders again. For me, I like my hair simple. When it is short enough, I don’t have to dry it or anything. It just curls around my head. Love it.

    You have a LOT of hair. Good for you!

    Nice to get to know your better through your post, too,.

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