The #Patriots Are Sent Off With A Bang!

So today the Patriots left on their memorable journey to the final destination, Super Bowl City! Woohoo!! I am so proud of those boys, they have made us Patriots fans proud. Just the other day I got my package which included the AFC Championship t-shirt and Cap, yay! I was so happy to get it, take a look, so super cool isn’t it *beaming with pride* Patriots!! Patriots!! Patriots!! Yeah I know I am just way too excited, and probably can’t help but continue to talk about it, sorry deal with it please!!

Patriots fans were invited today to celebrate their send off, even though I didn’t go, I did watch some of it on TV, it was so crowded there I probably wouldn’t of got as good of a look as I would seeing it on TV, but you better believe when they return with the Super Bowl trophy and the win under their belt, I will be there to see them coming home. And Yes I am that confident they will win! Enough said about that lol. The game will speak for itself! Heck their record can do that for that matter.

Anyway moving on. So the other day I posted a blog about getting a hair cut, well I haven’t cut my hair yet, because I am still debating. I really like my long hair, but sometimes I feel its a bit boring lol. So I have yet to cut it, when I do believe me I will post about it

I’m sure you have noticed or maybe not lol, if you follow me on twitter, you may have seen some tweets about, it’s a pretty good social media website, I’m really enjoying it, I just hope I can benefit out of it. I have a lot on my plate as it is, so hopefully I can keep up with that too. Actually it’s really not that hard, and I’m enjoying it. I believe I have been there now about 2 weeks. It’s a really interesting way of sharing, basically every blog post you make, everyone in your tribes will tweet it! It’s a good way of getting noticed, the coolest thing about it is, that it automated, you just go in, approve the blog posts and it automatically posts the tweets for you, so you don’t sit there manually having to do it, its pretty awesome.

You should give it a shot if you are interested in getting more traffic to your site. I highly recommend it, people are pretty nice on there, and so very helpful! You don’t know if you will like it, if you don’t give it a shot!

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