Love Is In The Air, Or Is It?!

It’s February, that means you will see everything and anything that has to do with Valentine’s, I know some over do it, but some look so forward to this day, only to be disappointed if it doesn’t come out as they’d hoped. And that is exactly why you shouldn’t expect to much. I feel it’s better that you don’t so that you aren’t disappointed in the end. The last thing one wants is a constant reminder of how bad Valentine’s went for them. So I am not going to expect much, but hugs and kisses from my one and only William! As long as he is in my life, I am happy

What really gets to me is when I start seeing blogs or twitter posts of people that absolutely hate Valentine’s. Makes me wonder what happened in their life to make them feel that way. Were they dumped, did their significant other break it off with them on a day like Valentine’s Day, which by the way is probably the worse time to break up with someone. It can be scarring. Or perhaps you caught your other half cheating on you, what ever it is, I always say, never give up on love. Even if its not that intimate love from another person, but love from family or friends.

I really can’t believe that anyone that hates Valentine’s Day would only have friends that hate it as well. I hope someone reaches out to them, it’s just so sad to see that kind of stuff, to read it, I feel for them, I really do. I will be wondering about this all month, I may even get the courage to actually ask them, and hope they can give me a real reason, not that they have to, but if they put it out there on the internet they should expect some kind of feedback, after all that is why they blogged/tweeted about it, right?

I know I’m probably talking about this way too early, but hey this is when all the advertisement starts, actually it started like a week ago, lol, but thought I’d write about it.


  1. I don’t understand how people can ‘hate’ a day either. Not celebrating it is one thing, but to hate it makes no sense. I learned very early on in life to buy myself whatever I wanted (such as flowers) and then I put very few expectations on my (now) husband. That way everyone’s happy and any surprise is a happy one.
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