See Your Lover More Clearly This Valentine’s day

I’ve been debating about what to give William for Valentine’s Day, I have a few ideas. I can go with what he would really love, or go with what he really needs, choices choices are never easy. I hope this is one day he doesn’t read my blog lol. If you are reading this William, go away, there is information here I don’t want you to read please I love you and thank you.

Ok if you are still reading this, then you are spoiling it Anyway, so my choices are a new wrist watch, because he seems to go through them so quick, I guess it must be work. And I though maybe a new case for his new phone. I love the choices. Now I think (don’t tell him this) I think he needs glasses, he’s been squinting a lot lately. I just bought a very cool pair of glasses, from Zenni Optical, it’s actually my 2nd pair, they have some pretty good glasses, $6.95 prescription eyeglasses you can’t beat that!! Aren’t they cute??

Aren’t they cute, and pink too! I can’t afford super expensive glasses, I turn out paying like less than $60 for a pair of glasses, Zenni Optical has such really awesome styles, for the whole family, they offer free shipping!!! Isn’t that awesome!!?? I think so! I thought for the amazing price it would be cool to get another pair. Well I thought I can also get him to see a doctor and order his glasses through Zenni Optical as well. So as soon as that happens, I’ll post about it, unless William gives me a hard time, but I don’t think he will. I’m still thinking about the gifts, may go ahead and get both

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