Woohoo #SuperBowl #Sunday, Go #Patriots!!

Oh yeah I think everyone especially US are looking forward to the Super Bowl game with the Patriots against the Giants!! It’s going to be a very good game. People are saying it can go either way, it’s down to Tom Brady to work his magic, and I really feel he will. It’s a great honor for them as it is to be going to the Super Bowl, the football games of football games!!

There isn’t much to say but I am going to be cheering on my favorite team and players Wes Welker #83, Tom Brady #12, Rob Gronkowski #87 and all the awesome players on the team, may the best team win! (That will be us :P) hehe. I needed to blog about today, I was trying not to, since I did blog about the Super Bowl earlier last week, but hey it’s like something that doesn’t happen often, although I wish it would, more Super Bowls for the Patriots lol.

We are getting our Super Bowl party ready, we got balloons, streamers, banner, flags, we are going all out! Why because it’s the Patriots and how can you not go all out when it’s your home team that is going to the Super Bowl!! We got finger foods, yeah no cooking for the master chef William hehe. It’s his day off!

I have to say though, I wish I could enjoy it with my sister (Jackie) & sister-in-law (Anna) here as well, even though if they are San Francisco 49ers fans, it would of been fun watching the game with her, but I have my wonderful boyfriend William, and I am going to enjoy it thoroughly! And the count down is 2 1/2 hours until kick off, woohoo Let’s Go PATRIOTS!!!!!

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