Stranger Danger Saves A Life

I’m rather disappointed, we had sweet little flurries coming down all day, well until about 1 or 2pm, I was hoping it would come down more than that. I know there are other towns in New England that got a lot more than cute ‘little’ flurries, I looked forward to the snow.

Growing up in California, I didn’t see much snow, unless I went up to Big Bear Mountain sky resort, and that was like never lol. I moved up to the high desert for awhile, and we got snow there, so that was pretty exciting. When I finally moved to Massachusetts, I got the opportunity to experience true snow days! I absolutely loved it! I looked forward to this winter ever since I moved here. We have yet to see another good drop of snow *wishes*. I guess we will see what the rest of this winter has in store for us.

I was watching the news earlier this week, and I seen that video about that 7 year old little girl from Georgia, out shopping with her mother at a Walmart. She was literally almost abducted, during the day, in a busy place like Walmart. I cannot believe the balls that people have these days to do such horrendous things. The little girl was a fighter, and good for her, she managed to get away, and it was all caught on surveillance! I can only imagine the horror she felt. After the guy let her go, and ran off, the little girl stood there, hesitated, and then ran up an isle, I think she may have seen him coming back. Thank you good Lord for helping this girl. Apparently the little girl recalled her ‘Stranger Danger Training’, that may have very well saved her life. All parents should teach their child that same training. I’m sure everyone must of heard about this by now, but if not here is the video!

Wow hey? That little girl is one brave child, and did the right thing. Her training truly saved her. Well there you go, you cannot be to careful, day or night, it really doesn’t matter. And we as fellow shoppers or whatever the situation could be, don’t shrug your shoulder thinking ‘oh it’s just a little girl giving her daddy or mommy a hard time’ because it could very well be more than it is, so we all should pay a little bit of attention to our surroundings. Don’t be afraid to step in, I’d rather be wrong and yelled at, than think I could of saved someone’s life.

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