You Don’t Need A Man Or Woman!!

Happy Valentine’s Day! That’s right it’s a Valentine’s Day post. But more importantly are those 6-7 words in my title! You really don’t need to have a man or a woman in your life, to have a great Valentine’s day. There are so many ways to spread love, with friends, other family members, and yes even strangers!! A random act of kindness goes a long way. You can do some blog hopping, and stumble upon someones blog and leave them a super cool comment, that will make their day. You may not know if you did, but what if you did? Wouldn’t that be amazing? A good feeling I would think. If someones blog is one of those ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’, ‘It just another day’, ‘We don’t celebrate it’, ‘I am single today’, etc. Well maybe a nice comment can make that person feel a lot better. I hope to spread the love today

Moving along now. Did you happen to see Google’s logo, the adorable Valentine’s Day animation, it’s darling! I absolutely loved it. Imagine putting a smile on someone’s face, not because you give them all kinds of gifts, but just because you share in something they like. Wow who would of thought?

I joined that website Screenr, and when Google posts those cute animations, I can’t help but record them. It’s really nice to see what has happened during the year. I just started doing it, but I usually just record the animated ones. It can actually be used for all types of things, I don’t think it records very long, but enough to show say a tutorial of something. Just thought I would share.

So what am I getting William for Valentine’s Day, well I am getting him a really nice watch, he needed another one, he seems to go through them so quickly fast! I hope he likes it, the problem is, that it’s not arriving until after Valentine’s Day, but I got him another little goody to hold him over. Hopefully it comes by end of week. I know I should of done this earlier, and I should of, oh lazy me boo on me lol. For Valentine’s Day he got me my new phone, it’s an amazing electronic device, I love it to bits. I got the new Samsung Nexus, it’s just to awesome. I am so very happy to have got rid of the Blackberry, it was so ancient. I can’t believe how fast that faded out. Hope the Nexus doesn’t. But I’m a happy camper!

Anyway that’s it for me, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s with someone you care about, it could be anyone, even your dog or cat or even a fish


  1. I watched the Google animation last night with my loved one after we swapped our pressies, we loved it! Happy V-Day miss!

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