Bullies? What Are They Thinking?

I was watching the Today show early this morning, and there was a segment from last month I believe. It discussed the videos that kids were putting on YouTube, in regards to asking if they were pretty or ugly? Youtube does not allow anyone under 13 to join but there were a lot of younger kids on there. No surprise there hey? Well these kids, they put themselves out there not knowing that bullies will come out of the wood work like no tomorrow, only to criticize them. So of course they will be put down, made fun of, etc.

I often wonder what are these bullies thinking of? What is in their mind to really put someone through the BS that they put them through. Hasn’t there been enough negative media about the results of what bullying can cause, and isn’t that enough to just stop!!?? No it doesn’t seem like it is, I really don’t know what it’s going to take for them to stop. Perhaps being bullied themselves, or I’ll go even further to say, that it’s possible they had been bullied and that is why the have become the bully? Hmm yeah that could be what it is.

I don’t think I will ever get it, must be some power trip, especially if it’s done behind a computer screen, I think those are the biggest cowards of them all, hide behind a fake name, and computer screen and attack others. At least those that are being criticized have put themselves out there, they are the brave ones. I know we may have all been bullied at some point or another, by fellow students, parents even siblings, and yes it does happen. We’ve read it in the paper, seen it on the television.

I have a personal experience in regards to bulling, I’d like to share. There was a blogger I knew online, a number of years ago, when I was starting to do the blogging/website thing, this bully was cruel, made fun of me and my website, this bully was glorified by other fellow bloggers, that is the part I didn’t understand. Why people would just sit by and at times participate at the slanderous things this person would blog about me and my website. Even if I was a beginner, and they were more advance, that is no reason to belittle someone, rather than do that, they should set an example and help this person out to fix things. I was not the only one this person targeted, there were many others. I didn’t give in to the pressure or anything, I suppose it was a lot easier ignoring it, because it was online. After this person seen no reaction from me, they gave up and moved on to someone else. I suppose this person was waiting for me to say something, so they can continue with the harassment, but I told myself, if I said something in my defense, this would only fuel them, so I didn’t. Years later, I stumble on this persons blog only to read that they will be having a child added to their family, I was happy for them. But I hope that they remember what they did to others, if their child is ever bullied when it’s growing up. I would hate to see that happen to anyone, no one deserves that kind of treatment. Not even a bully or a bullies offspring.


  1. Mob mentality and peer pressure are 2 thing we can never get rid of and until that happens bullying will never stop, we just cant help but cope with it but i assure you every single one of them will realize their flaws sooner or later and many will regret!
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