Grab A Green Beer, Make Merry & Be Safe!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone, be safe out there. Oh it’s another reason to have a party!! I am way past that phase where I had to go to a party for every holiday. I make my own party at home with my William!! He’s part Irish so I got all the Irish I can handle at home. Woohoo, go me!! We’re going to put on our green hats, pour some green beer, and maybe have Leprechaun movie marathon today haha. Sounds lame? Not really, besides we still have The Walking Dead to look forward to tomorrow, so it’s all good! Early this morning we were watching the news where they were coloring the river green in Chicago, I would like to maybe one time see that for myself, it’s pretty spectacular as its a very large river.

Wow that is just all gorgeous and all. Not many people around, but I guess the excitement is actually seeing it being dyed, I think I posted a video of them dying the river, let me dig that up and re-post it here for you all. I know you would love to see it lol I thought I would find a different one to share, you can always search my archives for the other one, but enjoy this one too.

Imagine how much fun it would be to be on the board while the river is being dyed? Is it just me, or would that be a lot of fun. They use vegetable dye, so it shouldn’t harm anything that may be living in the river. I’m sure it’s safe! Over 30,000 people go to see this done, wow hey? This video I have to say is a little more interesting than the other one. Even though it wasn’t film this year, you get the idea when you watch it, and you find out some pretty interesting information.

Have a green beer for me today!I hope you all have a great weekend, a safe St. Patrick’s Day, and drink a green beer for me, as I won’t be doing all that much drinking, probably only 2 beers haha, what a wimp I am. When I was in my early twenties, oh boy could I party it up. Not anymore, things change, my body has changed, my tolerance has changed, and I’m okay with that. I had my share of parties. With that said, you all have a great weekend, and above all, be safe!!!


  1. i saw something about the river dying on the news the other day and thought it was pretty damn cool they never do anything like that around here
    Jenny recently posted ..The Dating Scene

  2. I’m a dingbat. Grimm is on Fridays, so I DVR-it. I meant Once Upon a Time, which is on Sundays. …I also promise that I am not a tv-holic!
    Katherine recently posted ..50 Household Items That Could Poison or Harm Your Pets

  3. First off, let me just tell you how jealous I am of your grey and white chevron background. I love it! I work in social media/content marketing, and write for several clients in the Evanston/Greater Chicago area. I love blogging about the river being turned green! I hope that you and William enjoyed your green beer and Leprechaun marathon–I’ll also be tuning into the Walking Dead Tonight, and Grimm as well. Have a great day!
    Katherine recently posted ..50 Household Items That Could Poison or Harm Your Pets

  4. When I lived in Milwaukee, I worked out of a Chicago regional office for Apple. Chicago is a wonderful city, and the green river is fun!

    I totally agree that people need to be safe. Drinking and driving is so scary!
    Sally K Witt, Social Media and Ministry recently posted ..Lots of Love for St. Patrick’s Day!

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