Don’t Be Such A Big Tease!

Did Mother Nature fool us again? Just when you thought, ‘Wow Spring is here’, we get hit with cloudy days, cold nights and possibly some rain! Come on my dearest Mother Nature, give us a some warm sunny days. I’m sure they will come eventually, but how about now? Don’t be a big tease! Seriously, just when I’m telling William, “Heck yeah I’m ready for some BBQing”, then suddenly the weather changes. I put on a sweater, close the windows and I’ll probably pop on the heater so I stay warm! What a disappointment. I know what you are thinking? Why can’t she just be patient? I don’t have an answer!! Okay yes I do, and I already gave it in this post lol, but I will try to be a bit more patient *puts on sweater*

I know the weather out here in Massachusetts, is going to be chilly, because the air is dry, and I get zapped every time I touch a metal surface, and at times it’s not even only a metal surface it can be another person or a light switch, although I have to say it’s only on the first touch, but the anticipation of the zap is crazy. Do you know how annoying being zapped feels like? Seriously really annoying, I have long hair, I have to put it up, so it don’t attract or catch the electrical charge in the air. I yearn for the sunny days. I know I complain about the humidity, but if I had a choice, I think I’d go with humidity over electric charge, I think?

After looking around the internet, I come to realise that I am not the only one this happens to, yay?! Why am I saying ‘yay’? Oh maybe for the fact that I’m happy that I’m not the only one that is living with this. Not that I wish it on other people, because it is no fun, having to think about what you are going to touch before touching it!! It’s absolutely terrible!! If it doesn’t happen to you, then try going about your day, thinking about what your hand is about to touch, and whether you will get a good static charge zap out of it or not, lol.

Ok that’s it for me, have a great weekend, with or without sun!

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