Are You Ready For The #AtoZChallenge? I Think I Am, Lol

So this is my first time doing the A to Z Challenge, it sounds like a lot of fun, I try to blog as much as I can, but I do have a life after all haha. Who doesn’t hey? So I signed up here, seriously there are more than 1500 blogger participating. How in the world can you visit 1500 blogs in one month? Is it really possible? Well I guess we will see. I am going to give it a go, and start from the last blog on the list, to the first one, and see how far I get

I think it’s pretty exciting, I feel pressure already and it hasn’t even started. If you want in, hurry over to the A to Z Challenge and sign up, today is the last day, come on I challenge you to do it!! It’s for 26 days, beginning tomorrow, and going on everyday for the entire month of April for the exceptions of Sundays, and of course tomorrow, it’s the first day, and it just evens out in the end

I’m debating on what I am doing it on, I thought going with a theme, would be fun, but what theme? I thought hmm maybe photography, taking a picture of something that starts with the letters in the Alphabet, but then I thought, what do I do with things I can’t find, those hard to find letters lol. Ok so I though maybe not that. But it’s a good idea, if I don’t say so myself, and I’m sure someone already did it. Then I though, ok I love to watch films, so why not share a film every day for the month, that hopefully I seen, it could be an old flick, or a new one, but I must have seen it, that’s the catch.

Well whatever I turn out to blog about, I’m sure it’ll be fine, and someone will find it, entertaining, or not lol. I hope to see some of you there, it would be fun to see what you got to blog about. Well have a good weekend, and see you tomorrow!


  1. Ha! I’m glad you started visiting from the last one up, since mine is one of the last ones on the list! Thanks for stopping by. Have fun with the challenge! Looks like we’ll get some interesting movie reviews.

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have the type of blog that easily conforms to A-Z type postings. I have a friend who does this on Mondays on her blog. It really works, but I couldn’t do it everyday. I am not that creative!
    Susan Silver recently posted ..Stumble Saturdays #1

  3. I have titles ready for each letter…but nothing written.
    Rhia Roberts recently posted ..Abundance Abounds

  4. I too am participating in the challenge and I chose a theme. Or maybe I should say it chose me! Your blog is very pretty, btw.
    Kim Tracy Prince recently posted ..Sh*t I Say: “And, Scene!”

  5. What # are you on the list? I’m # 873
    Rhia Roberts recently posted ..Abundance Abounds

  6. I am totally in on the A – Z challenge! Hope to see you around.. I saw you on my Triberr Stream.
    Darlene Steelman recently posted ..ROW 80! Let the Goal Mastering Begin!

  7. Your idea of a film a day sounds great, I will look forward to reading about them.
    Sulekha recently posted ..Air Travel Tale


  1. […] so this is the beginning of the A to Z Challenge I spoke about yesterday. I had been debating about what I wanted to do as a theme, as I read around, and see what others […]

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