The Weather, It’s A Love Hate Thing

I was loving the weather over the weekend. I’m glad it was gorgeous for Mother’s day, but now how I am hating it, it’s cold, and over cast, no sun in sight. I’ll have to wait for the weekend, as the weather is suppose to soar high like in the 80’s on Friday or Saturday, so get your picnic, bathing suits and all that summer gear ready, and take advantage of it, just in case the clouds decide to come in and ruin the week hehe. I’m hoping to be able to go to the Drive-in with my sweetheart this weekend, since the weather reports seem to be good, hopefully it is going to be nice. I love drive-in’s they are so much fun. Don’t have to worry too much about people yapping behind you or in front of you

Speaking of hating things, William emailed me a list of TV shows that have been cancelled, and I am truly disappointed in some of the shows they decided to give the axe to. I loved watching these shows, why must it be shows I like? Grrr! Anyway these are the show I like that were cancelled, Alcatraz, Awake, Best Friends Forever, The Firm, Missing, The River, The Secret Circle, and Terra Nova!!! I can’t believe they are cancelling these, I am truly disappointed. I have seen some crap new shows coming on, and I am not liking what is coming. Hopefully they will be cancelled, and some of the shows I like will return *fingers crossed*

I’m so happy, I got some more things in the post yesterday to add to my supplies for doing nails, yay. Plus a few extra things on ebay, I got some awesome lip balm, they are the EOS brand they are like in a ball, it’s really cute! Great flavors too, they have shea butter and jojoba oil, nice!!!

These are so so good, if you use them then you know what I mean. I absolutely love them, these will last me for a long long time! I got a great deal on them on ebay, yay go ebay!!! I also ordered a Konad nail art stamping kit, I’m really excited to use and experiment with. The plates are expensive though like 7 bucks, and that’s on ebay, if anyone knows where to get them cheaper let me know. I got a free glitter gift for ordering all the Konad things, so cool of them

I am a new user, but have seen a few videos on youtube where they use them and the designs come out really pretty so once I get the hang of them or that is using them, I will post pictures! I have had my current nails on for a little over a week, I am seeing some lifting, but that is because I used that quick dip system, which I’m not too crazy about but it was fun to experiment with. Next I will be using salon system, and I’m excited for that too. Pictures to come if they come out nice lol. Anyway that’s about all for now, have a great week!

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