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OH EM GEE, the heat is really on now. It’s cooking out there lol. Thank goodness we went out early today, to do some shopping. I had a few things I was looking for, and I did manage to find them, although some I didn’t or I forgot one or two other things. I try to keep a list of what I am looking for, makes it so much easier than running around the store, and back tracking to find stuff. That is what causes exhaustion, at least it does for my lazy bum hehe. So today I wanted to go and find some stuff called Diamond Dust, it’s stuff some people use when doing nails, basically for decoration, and yay I was able to find it at Michael’s plus I had a 40% off coupon, so I used it on that, and got it $3.60 off! I was so super happy.

That’s it there, among a few other things I picked up. I’m pretty content with what I got, plus I got some packages in the mail today as well, that made me happy! Things I have long been waiting for, but it finally arrives. I think it’s a great idea to buy nail related items from ebay, when I first started going on YouTube to search about nail related stuff, I found a lot of people buy from ebay as well. Which was really great to see. I’m really excited to get started with practicing!

So I have been looking for a nice fat mug, with a big handle, and I have had the hardest time finding it. So today when we were at Michael’s Craft store, I seen one, but it wasn’t pink, and I pointed out to William, ‘Look, that’s the size mug I wanted, but it’s not pink’. So he suggested I decorate it the way I want it, and I replied, ‘But I don’t want to decorate it, I just wanted it to be pink’, so he says, get it, and paint it yourself. So I did, and I got some paint, a really nice color too, but I’m not sure if I got enough now. Thinking about it, I probably didn’t so I will probably experiment, LMAO, I wonder how that is going to come out!

Michaels Mini Haul

That’s a big coffee mug isn’t it. I just LOVE it!!! I don’t think that 2oz bottle of gloss acrylic paint is going to be enough. I may just use all the 3 colors there, or look in my stash and see what I have, because I want a really nice pretty pink, that color in the photo is Raspberry but I just love the color! We’ll see what happens, when I get around to doing it, I will post a finished photo!

Ok well I should close here, let me remind everyone, that the Blogaholic Anniversary $400 Cash Giveaway is still going on, hurry on over, click the link and get in on it, this could be your lucky day. Have a blessed day!

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