Suddenly I Couldn’t Sleep, What Gives?!

I really don’t know why I can’t sleep. We went shopping yesterday, so I know I was tired from that. Can you be so tired that you can’t sleep? Seems like that happened to me. I watched a few YouTube videos and then felt very sleepy, but then since I had been laying on my side, my shoulder was hurting, so I laid back on my back, and nothing, so I turned to one side .. nothing, then on my tummy .. and when I felt I was going to sleep, a part of my body jerked, and it wakes me, don’t you just hate that? Seriously my brain must be on over drive or something, it’s not letting me sleep, or is it? Because I don’t feel myself really thinking? Hah, who does? Do you? I thought maybe it was my bed that was keeping me up so I read some reviews of the best mattresses and decided to get a good memory foam bed. Anyway, I hate when this happens, funny thing it happened to William too. So I came into the other room, so he can sleep but he can’t seem to sleep either. He usually turns on the TV so he can fall asleep. He gets SO grouchy, I tend to stay away from him. But I know if I’m not in bed, I guess it kind of bothers him too. It’s one of those things, you can’t sleep unless everyone is in their place? Do you know what I mean?

A new week is upon us, and so is a new month. The weather was so beautiful yesterday, I was hot, we had an ice coffee, that’s how hot it was. We went to a few stores, he needed new boots, and I wanted to check out somethings at Michaels and Dollar Tree. There was one specific thing I really wanted from Dollar Tree but I didn’t find any. If I do manage to find it, I’ll share what it is. I know I’m all secretive aren’t I. It’s not really a big deal, but I don’t have the exact name of it lol, or I would tell ya I checked on William, he’s sitting up, and he just turned on the TV.

He’s been a bit strange lately. I don’t know, I’m a bit worried, perhaps that is what has me up? I know he’s stressed out, about work, his mother, his sister. I don’t like that he has to carry others burdens on his shoulders, they aren’t really burdens, but I guess emotional ones? He’s a great guy, that is just the way he is, he wants everyone to be happy. I’m glad he’s like that, but sometimes I feel that, when he has too much on his mind, he will tend to be grouchier around me Yeah makes me sad. I kind of felt it today all day as we were out. I even said to him, we could go home early, but he said no that the store was just up the street, so I agreed, we got some good buys there Glad he said to go anyway.

Alright then, I’m going back to bed, if he is still grouchy I’m coming back, watch a film or something, maybe some more YouTube videos you know? Hope you all have a great week.

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