Persistence Pays Off, Believe It!

Yes!! Finally it’s here. SUMMER! I’m super happy, that means no more rain? I hope. The weather has been wacky for ages, even when I lived in California, it was wacky, so I really don’t know what to expect. It’s 3:45pm EST and the temperature at the moment is 94 degrees, and yes I can feel the humidity. I’ve been indoors, so I don’t feel it as much as others. I really hope William is keeping cool. I wish there was a way to guarantee that but alas there isn’t. I know they have A/C at his job, so hopefully it’s on and keeping him cool.

So what’s been going on with me. Well I have been watching a heck of a lot of YouTube videos, in hopes of learning more tricks of the trade. I recently bought some Primer from and Ebay seller, and unfortunately I wasn’t at all happy with the product, it was way too thick, appeared to be more of a top coat, maybe even for gel nails. I am not 100% sure because I have never done gel nails but hopefully in the future I will.

Anyway, I emailed the seller told them the problem, they said ‘oh we get our stuff inspected before it goes out’ YEAH RIGHT you do. I find it rather impossible to inspect every single bottle of stuff that goes out, I’m sorry I don’t buy that. Believe me they sell stuff at great prices, but everyone makes a mistake now and than, even I do. Ok so they offered me $2 refund, I’m like thinking to myself “Heck no, I don’t even know what this product is”. What good is it going to do for me? So I said, this is not what I asked for, it’s clear that there had been a mistake or a bad batch. Ok so emails went back and forth about 3 or 4 times. I finally got fed up, made a quick video, and emailed them back the link so they can see for themselves, because of course they naturally thought I was lying, which I was not! Two days later I get an email stating I will be getting a full refund. So you see, persistence paid off for me!!

Now to find more Primer at a reasonable price. I got distracted and forgot to post this. Lol. Ok With that said that is all for me, have a wicked ‘cool’ day

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