June Glossybox 2012 ~ Summer Simplicity

I’m here again with another one of my subscriptions I have joined, and am very happy with. This one is called Glossbox. It just recently came to the U.S.A. it was only in the U.K, but it is here, and I’m glad I am part of it. It’s a monthly subscription, this one is $21.00 a month, the product sizes are decent, they are travel size, although some of them could be a little bigger. I over all am happy with it. This month is Summer Simplicity, so in the box they put a Glossy Mag, which shows all kinds of articles, and suggestions, it’s the first time they put that in there, so I’m really glad I got it from the beginning. They package the box so pretty, I have to show you a picture.

So what’s in the box? Take a look!

What we have here is the following:

AHAVA ~ MINERAL BOTANIC HIBISCUS & FIG VELVET CREAM WASH: Infused with extracts from Hibiscus and Fig, this cream body wash is made for the delicate needs of dry skin. Osmoter™, AHAVA’s exclusive blend of Dead Sea Minerals, provides your skin with the ultimate in hydration to nourish and soften. Hibiscus helps to smooth and moisturize your skin as it promotes the healing of dry skin with natural anti-bacterial properties. Fig extract contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as natural moisturizers.

$22.00 / 17oz (Original size)

WELLA ~ ENRICH MOISTURIZING TREATMENT: This lightweight professional hair care mask infused with silk extract instantly helps restore a healthy look to your hair, leaving even fine hair full of free-flowing movement. (Personally I don’t want to pay that much for a condition that probably does the same thing that my normal condition does, just doesn’t make sense.)

$12.00 / 5.07oz (Original size)

FIRST AID BEAUTY ~ FAB SMOOTH SHAVE CREAM: Ideal for all skin types this shaving cream is a gentle, non-irritating formula containing everything you need to obtain a close, long-lasting shave. The cream will minimize nics and razor irritation with it’s ingredients that will soften, smooth and moisturize your skin.

$7.50 / 2oz (Original size)

OFRA COSMETICS ~ EYE SHADOW ICE: (OFRA is best known for their male hair trimmer) Color intensive, Hypoallergenic and suitable for use in all weather conditions, these creamy eye shadows will leave your lids with a smoother, brighter, finish. Infused with primer this eye shadow is perfect for any special occasion lasting for 8 hours without smudging or creasing. (I have yet to try this, but I am not too fond of cream eye shadows, I prefer powders. This product is quite pricey, I wish it would of been a powder I would of been more keen to really try it, I still am, but we’ll see, I’m not going to cast if off as crap yet)

$14.95 / 0.47oz (Original size)

A PERFUME ORGANIC ~ URBAN ORGANIC: A fresh and citrus daytime perfume with lavender and grapefruit make the most delicious combination of sweet lemon sorbet with bourbon, tangy lime peel, basil, and ginger. It’s perfect for clearing the air during a walk in the park. (The sample I got was one of those super small tiny glass little vials, nothing big like that, but the scent is amazing if you like citrusy type scents, it’s just gorgeous so fresh and clean smelling. I really loved it! It’s quite pricey too, I don’t feel I would spend that much on a perfume that smells citrusy like, but that is just me.)

$65.00 / 0.41oz (Original size)

VBEAUTE ~ LITE UP™ & BUYING TIME™ & EYE NEVER™: Lite Up™: Let there be light, your skin deserves it. Lite Up has the power to rev up your skin-wattage no matter how life has dulled your glow. Alpine Rose Botanical Technology fights free radicals to maintain your porcelain beauty while Watercress Skin Lightening Complex works to banish age spots and discoloration. Buying Time™: Buying Time Everyday Crème is twice as nice as any daily moisturizer you’ve ever encountered. It watches over your skin both day and night with so many powerful replenishing ingredients, including Alpine Rose Botanical Technology that fights free radicals, BioCellular Peptide that corrects lines and wrinkles, and Ceramide 2 & 3 that adds hydration. Eye Never™: Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Crème is like an eyelift in a jar. An age-defying, line-concealing eye cream that immediately smoothes and silkens the delicate skin around your eyes. Caffeine minimizes the appearance of puffiness, BioCellular Peptide and Sensytens correct lines and wrinkles, and Nylon 12 leaves you looking instantly younger. (Honestly, I don’t feel it’s enough of a sample to really get the feel of the product, although it’s a nice way to try things, but the sample is just too small, that is my opinion of it. I am still going to try and see how many uses I get out of it. Although considering the prices, it’s nice to try something so high end, as little as it is. IMO. I can’t afford this type of stuff, oh well heh.)

$150.00 / 1oz (Lite Up™), $135.00 / 1.7oz (Buying Time™), $85.00 / 0.5oz (Eye Never™) (Original size)

There you go, I know it’s long, but it’s a lot to say about the products, to know exactly what they are about. Most of these things I probably wouldn’t buy full size, 1. Because of the price OBVIOUSLY. 2. I like what I am using, and even if I did like this stuff, I just can’t afford it. But as I said it’s pretty awesome to be able to try different products. For $21, I think it’s not bad. I look forward to future boxes, and I will share them with you all lovely people.

I will leave you with my last photo, if you decide to join go to this link http://glossybox.com, shipping is free which is awesome! Imagine how much shipping would be for that box? Oh yeah if you would like to see my video I made on it, please watch it below

I promise that is all. Please follow the link to find out more and join, and will also help me get credit! Ok I’m out of here now. Stay cool out there, it’s wicked muggy


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