Back To School Time!

So I don’t have any kids, I have nieces and nephews all probably out of school with the exception of my darling youngest niece Beth, she is just too adorable, reddish hair and lots of freckles such a cutie. She is too adorable, but now I find out she is going by the name Lizzy, how cute is that. When I think of the name Lizzy, I think of Lizzy Borden, lol, if you all know who that is. But this little cutie isn’t anything like Lizzy Borden, she is just adorable. She has already gone back to school, earlier last month, must show you a photo of her on her first day of 4th grade, she is just too cute. I’m not too fond of her glasses, but she is a little cutie pie. I love her to bits.

Lizzy First day of 4th grade 2012

Isn’t she just a little cutie? I think she is

So anyway, everyone is going back to school. That’s going to be a relief for a lot of people, having the kids out of their hair hehe. I don’t have kids, so I don’t have to worry about that so much. Actually at all lol. So I got my mail today, and I’m so excited, I got this top coat, that is so extremely hard to find, well at least it was for me. It’s called SpectraFlair, it’s a beautiful holographic top coat. I find it hard to find Holographic top coats. Some are like $40 no kidding, China Glaze anyway. I’ll post a couple of pictures for you to see.

It’s so so pretty, so glad I found it. I also ordered some Halloween candy corn glitter, Oh MY GOSH!! I can’t wait to get it, definitely going to do a Halloween design, it’ll be so much fun! anyway I think I better close here, I’ve left this undone for almost 2 days, oops lmao. Sorry all. Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

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