BzzAgent Campaign ~ Glade Expressions Collection ~ Mm Smells Amazing!~

Ok as you all know, I love to try new things, and if you don’t, now you do now lol. I am a BzzAgent, if you don’t know what a BzzAgent is, then refer to my post where I talked about it initially. Which you can find by clicking this link, it will take you to that post and you can read up on what BzzAgent is all about, and my thoughts, and what I get, but then again you can see that here too, mainly for what it’s about as I don’t want to repeat same stuff in all the posts lol

Ok so in my campaign, I was sent some coupons, a book of coupons to be exact, coupons to get myself 2 products for free, yay! If it’s free it’s for me lol. I love that saying! Yes it is mine So about the coupons, one was for the Oil Diffuser, which by the way I have in my living room right on the path that gets the most traffic, and every time I go pass it or stand near it, it smells so gorgeous, it says that it should last for a month, so I noted on my calendar the date I opened it up, I want to see if it really does last a month hehe. I had gotten, or should I say my boyfriend picked out the Lavender and Juniper Berry, he knows I love love Lavender, so it smells so heavenly!

Then he also picked out the Glade fragrance mist in Cotton and Italian Mandarin, and oh my gosh that smells divine, I use it in our bedroom, I love the fresh cotton smell, and mixed in with the mandarin it’s just so gorgeous, I am so getting more of that, so below I have a few photos for you to see what I did turn out getting

Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser

That is the Oil Diffuser in Lavender & Juniper Berry, and it truly smells heavenly!!! It’s just gorgeous! Then in the next photo, is the can of frangrance mist that I also got for free from BzzAgent, it’s part of my package,

Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist

This we got in Cotton & Italian Mandarin, oh my gosh, it smells so good. You all have to watch my video, I go into detail a bit there, not a lot, because I try not to make my videos too long if not necessary hehe. Anyway that is my amazing BzzAgent Campaign, I love what they send, and I always continue to buy. I tell you folks, this is a really great way to try products you never have tried before but thought about trying. Plus you get the word on for both the product and BzzAgent, give it a try, if you don’t like it, you can just stop dong campaigns, you really have nothing to lose So enjoy the video!

Thanks so much for watching, and reading, and just dropping by. Say hello if you don’t want to leave a huge comment! Have a beautiful weekend!

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