Windy, Warm & Rain? How Odd!

Ok so I am as thrilled as the next Fall lover that Fall is finally here, but the last few days, have been odd, especially yesterday and today. Warm and windy for Fall. I mean the first few days of last week were really chilly, I mean so chilly that I thought we’d get an early Winter, but then after that it changed lol. Now I have my hair up with a hair clip, that is how warm it is. But at the same time, I can hear the wind outside, which sounds so amazing, I just love it! I really want to go out and take a walk and just take pictures! I absolutely love love love the Fall! It’s nice, at least it’s not humid, yuck! Lol.

So apart from that, I just closed my contest I was having on Youtube. Now I just need to put all the glitter mixes that the girls sent to me as an entry, that is going to be a lot of fun. I just have to make a quick little mix with acrylic powder, and apply to a fake nail, so William (he is judging) can pick which one he likes the most! So that shall be fun! But I can’t do the nails tonight, as they tend to smell, well liquid monomer smells. they do sell odorless monomer, I haven’t bought any, it’s a bit on the expensive side, so I am just waiting. So I’ll do that mixes on the nails tomorrow first thing, and get that would of the way. I’m so excited, there are so many beautiful mixes. I will have to take photos of nails when they are done and post again about that, and just kind of announce the winner, even though I announce it on Youtube. I do have a few pictures of some mixes I made. I’ll share then below with you all.

That is some of the ones I did, perhaps later I will apply them on a fake nail and take a group picture of them. They are very pretty. Oh that reminds me, that Pretty in Pink I did take a photo of it on a fake nail. I’ll post that below. I love how it came out, I also did a stiletto nail, although it’s not as sharp and pointy as some I have seen.

Well there you go, hope you all like it. I’m still a beginner but it has been fun doing it. I can now finally get to do it on my own hands, they nail beds have been healing a little over a month, so I hope to post more photos of what I do to my own nails, besides just a simple nail polish look lol. Ok thanks for visiting, see you all later. Blessings.


  1. Even I am a huge fan of fall. I can take an infinite walk in the wind without getting tired.

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