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Happy Thanksgiving - Gobble GobbleHappy Thanksgiving everyone, and for those of you who do not celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a beautiful weekend, and you stay safe out there, with all the Black Friday craze We had a very lovely dinner at my boyfriends family members house. Everything was so so delicious, there were at least 5 different pies!! Wow right? Yeah it was amazing, we brought 2 lol. Everything was beautiful, it was so very nice to see everyone again. These big family holidays is when we see them the most. Speaking of family, I miss my family out in California! I love them all, and miss them dearly. I know everyone has their own little families to share a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with, I am with you all in spirit. A special I love you to my sister, whom I miss so much. But we do manage to stay in touch, which is very important to me, as she has been feeling very ill lately, so please send out prayers to her and her loved ones. I appreciate it very much

So I know I haven’t posted as often as before. I have been so busy with my little YouTube channel lol. I’m having fun with it. I even hold surprise giveaways, yeah I have to be sneaky so people don’t just join in for the free stuff. I mean I love free stuff, but hey I got to make them work for it

Oh I also finished my Crest 3D White – Whitestrips challenge, it was a lot of fun. And I did see remarkable whitening. I was very impressed with it. This is just a quick chat about that, I will do another post solely for that. I may post pictures, but since I am SO self conscious. I may not LMAO. You know how that is. And if you don’t, then use your imagination hehe.

So wow Black Friday is tomorrow. Who all is going to stand in those dang long lines, NOT ME!!! Oh my gosh now way. It’s freezing outside, and I am just not that desperate for anything that I would stand in line for, okay desperate is being a little mean. I take that back. I mean maybe if I was younger lol. I may, but not now. I like my warm house to stay in. But if you do brave it out there, please be careful, and hopefully there won’t be any tragedies going on. That would be just horrible!

Ok let’s lighten up the tone. So yeah the holidays are here, can you believe it? Oh my gosh, how fast they come up on us! It was just 4th of July not too long ago. Wow life is just blazing by us. I hope whatever you decide to do with the rest of the year, make it memorable, and enjoy it to the fullest! Well let me close by saying. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and a very Happy Thanksgiving for those of you who celebrate it! I have some nail polish to remove, and nail trimming to do, I hope to do a set tomorrow *fingers crossed* If I do, I will post pictures in a future blog. Thanks for stopping by

Let’s Go Patriots!!!!

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