Where in the world has Emily been?

So yeah where have I been? I tell you a little bit of here and there. Been doing a lot of YouTube things, mainly making my videos, sharing hauls, reviews,how to’s, I’m really into doing my own acrylic nails, I’ve talked about it before So yeah, my latest set was for the New England Patriots, yeah I did it for my William, even though they didn’t make it to the super bowl, that’s okay, there is always next year! Let me show you my set!

New England Patriots Set

New England Patriots set

They came out ok, from the picture, but really this is my worse set, not so much as to the glitter or any design i add, but for the fact of application, was horrible, and I knew I would get lifting, but as I said, did it for my William, and he liked it and that is all that mattered Here are a few pictures of some other glitter mixes I’ve made, eventually will wear one or two

Frankenstein MixCrush @ midnight

Purplish Mix

Okay well i guess that is good enough for now. I am going to go and relax with William, the love of my life. Hope you all have a great weekend, thanks for stopping by, blessings!

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