What are dreams all about?

DreamsI guess a lot of people have different things to say about dreams. Are they dreams or nightmares, or can they be both. I guess they can. It depends on the individual I suppose. I guess I’m wondering, as I always do when I had a weird dream the night before. So what is my dream about. Ok since you are asking hehe

It’s pretty vague, it gets like that the longer I wait to talk about it. But, it takes place quite possibly in a past life I could of had. I had a baby in this dream, and the baby’s father was trying to take the baby from me. He not only had been cheating, but had a new girlfriend with him, setting up ‘house’ to prove that I didn’t have a suitable home. I recall my mother being in the dream, as I recall her having given me some money, large amount, enough to buy furnishing and kitchen ware, which the baby’s father was trying to also take from me. I recall telling him, “You don’t know how it feels to have a child, really have a child, coming from you body” I suppose I was talking about the bond a mother and child have, that is different from the father child bond, if that makes sense. I also recall telling my mother about what he was up to and my mom got so upset, I can see her up the road, make a U turn in the middle of a busy street and back her van into the drive way. I seen this from what seemed like across the street. My impression was, she was backing it in to load up my belongings, as she was not going to let him keep the things she gave me money for.

Yeah seems like a typical situation of a break up. It’s even sad to say typical, as it seems to happen so much these days. Interesting thing about this is that I don’t have kids, I am with someone very committed with no children either, and even though everyone says you never know anyone 100% which is true. I believe deep in my heart he would never cheat, as we both dislike people that commit that kind of betrayal. Anyway, like I said you don’t know anyone 100%, but I know enough to know he wouldn’t, and besides I don’t have any kids, and my mother passed away over 10 years ago. So yeah it’s probably something that may have happened in another lifetime, probably best it didn’t, although I would love to have had one or two kids.

Yeah those kind of dreams kind of stick with you, at least it did for me.

Superbowl is over, all I have to say is the Raven’s are a dirty playing team! I know a lot of people agree with that, but whatever it’s over and one with, and it’s the passed now until next year!!

Moving on, so I am so super excited I got my February Julep Maven box, I know I haven’t posted about it but I recently upgraded with my Jules (credits you get from referrals) to get the Julep Maven Wardrobe, Oh my gosh I am so excited, it was basically free for me, even shipping was free. I have a couple of pictures I want to share.

Julep Glamour Nail Wardrobe

I am so so excited about it, as I mentioned I used my Julep Maven Jules to upgrade to this wardrobe collection, and that made it free, plus I also got my January 2013 monthly shipment, which I also used some Jules to get it for free!! So this is my super free month, which is awesome. I had plans of cancelling, and there are other brands I like much more than Julep Maven, and will run me less than what Julep cost. Reg price for a box is $19.99, in my box which is the It Girl, you get 3 polishes, so that does make them pretty pricey, I am ready to cancel though. I just want to use my Jules. I checked the other day and I have like 4200 Jules left, so I have enough for another 2 months. If they have another upgrade, I may take it, but if not, I’ll just get the next 2 boxes and then cancel. Unless I earn more Jules from referrals, we’ll see. It has been fun, but yeah, need to think of the money aspect of things, ‘get more for your money’!! I’ll be doing an unboxing video soon, so perhaps I’ll post that at a later time.

Ok well that’s all for now, thanks for stopping by, be sure to say hi or something. Blessings


  1. Dreams can be great but scary too, i am finding more and more I blur the line between awake and asleep waking up in a daze and wondering what just happened such is the confusion of old age. O a side note I am still buzzing about the Ravens!

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