I’m Losing Track Of Things

Losing TrackWow, I can’t believe it’s been a little over a month since I posted, yet again. What is wrong with me. SMH~!! I tell you what it is, it’s that darn YouTube, I have a channel there, so obviously I feel obligated (not so much obligated wrong word, but you want to be supportive of your subbies right?) to visit my subscribers channels and watch their videos. And oh some of them are long as fuck! I mean one person video is about one or two things, and they just start yapping about all types of shit. Do they no know that everyone is trying to get around to their subbies, and they are not sitting there to just watch their videos, seriously no, WAKE THE FUCK UP. But yet I don’t say anything, I might make a joking comment, but I would feel bad saying something, but yet I harbor these feelings, what the hell? lol.

I apologise, I really shouldn’t be thinking that, but it just makes me feel that the person isn’t taking into consideration the fact that we need to watch other videos to, it’s called supporting our subscribers, does it make me a bad person thinking and feeling this? I don’t feel I am wrong on this, this person in question is rather new to YT, it’s not just one person, it’s a couple. I really try to limit my videos, and just stick to what the topic is. Instead of going off topic, is it just me? Anyway all this has nothing to do with the title of this post, or does it?

Actually it does LOL. If I wouldn’t get hung up in others extremely long videos, I would have more time to come and blog. LOL I am blaming them aren’t I? When I really should manage my time better. I am and I realise that, so I apologise. I like blogging, I really do and I don’t care if no one reads it that is the funny thing about it hehe. I blog because it’s a record of my thoughts, that one day, I will be able to read back on. I hope to blog the rest of my life, lord know half is almost over LOL.

Ok I will move on to something else of more importance. So recently my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m not sure how to feel about that, I mean YESSS INDEED it’s a terrible thing, I don’t want to lose my sister, she lives in Las Vegas, I have a post relating to where she lives lol. She recently tried to reach out to my brothers, if only to let them know that she was diagnosed with this, my father had cancer as well, but he got his chemo and is better. My sister will have to do the same soon, I live too far to go be with her, financially its not possible, not to mention the distance, but my family in Calif is. Will they go and see her? I don’t know, I just wish they would put their differences aside, this is an important issue. Anyway, I don’t want to say more, we’ll see how things go.


  1. Hi sweety, sorry to hear about your sister prayers to her n your family. I totally understand about family not being close, mine use to be so close n gossip and jealousy between them and forgetting that is cousins have to deal their drama . What sad know ones remembers why they are made or why they act this way against each other. All I can to is pray for my family

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