Happy Spring? Maybe? Yes?

Hello Spring? Please?!Happy spring everyone! At least it’s supposed to be spring, it’s still a bit winter here. Yesterday was the first day of spring, and as I look out my window I see some snow on the ground still, and yet earlier today I was looking online and I seen that were supposed to be getting another storm coming through, so I might be getting more snow, if not snow, then rain. So when does my spring actually begin? I really don’t know.

I think our spring over here in the East Coast is probably going to be very short, I’d rather have a longer Spring and a short Summer. If you read my blog posts at all you know I really don’t like the humidity here, sometimes you can literally cut it with a nice it’s not that sick. Now William, he just loves it he can’t wait until the summer comes. I love the summers to, but I love the California summers, sure we get some humility but not like here in the East Coast.

So going back to my last post, I did seem a bit hostile in what I was saying. But I guess it was all bottled up inside. I appreciate my subscribers very much, and that’s why I do surprise giveaways and contest/giveaways for them, to show my appreciation. But I think there are some new subbies not so much subbies but just new YouTubers, that should take into consideration that their subscribers have other subscribers videos they want to watch as well. Anyway I don’t want to go on about this but I think you will know what I mean.

Blogging is a lot different I think the viewer has more control because they can read part of of a long post or skip through, but still can’t get the gist of what the blog post about, opposed to videos you kind of have no choice to watch it all, unless you see you actually fast forward some of it. I personally like to watch everything that they have to say even though sometimes it may be very lengthy video. Anyway I should move on to something else (that’s the 2nd time I said that lol).

So I’m uploading a video to YouTube right now, and normally when I uploaded video I can’t really browse web sites, or watch other videos. Well I can, but it’ll just make the links of my upload much larger or longer that is sorry. So I downloaded the wordpress app to my phone, and because I have the text to speech ability, I’m able to talk to my phone and it’ll write what I’m saying. Which is totally awesome!! If I was on the computer it probably would take longer because of my nails, the are not only longer but I also just polished them. And I’m in no mood to mess them up again. Speaking of polishing, last night I polish them, and I guess I polish came out a bit thick, so you can imagine it took a long time for it to dry. So I went to bed thinking that it dried, I wake up in the morning look at my nails and I see the little indentations from the pillow or the blanket. And I’m like OMG! Suffice to say, I remove that polish picking other similar looking color and polish them again. So back to the app, it’s pretty good, it does pick up some of my words and change them but obviously I’m going to go back and edit. I recommend the wordpress app!

Since we’re on the topic of polishes, I did do a St. Patrick’s Day look or design I guess you could say, it’s simple very very simple, but I really liked it so I’m going to share photo of it with you all.
St. Patrick's Day Design

I only wore it for like 2 days, I tried double 4 leaf clover, it was so so lol, so after 2 days I remove it. I feel like sporting some pink, if you know me you know I love love pink, all shades of pink glitters, creams, holographic polishes. So I just have my first coat, waiting for it to dry. Anyway, I’ll post a picture when I’m done! Ok going to finish my nails. Have a great week and weekend.


  1. I soooo feel u on the looooooong videos sometimes ill just start move to the middle then to the end n check thumbs up n move on I feel bad but I can’t sit n watch a 30min video of just babble I get annoyed too I’m just glad it’s not me, going to check that app too tfs n I love Cali spring not summer I dislike summer lol

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