Has She Really Been Gone That Long?!?

Sometimes it seems like just yesterday, I would here her call out my name, wondering where I am. Twelve years later, here I am writing a blog on the day of her anniversary of her passing. Never in my wildest younger years, I thought I would lose my mom. All I have to say to you folks out there, don’t take the time you have with your parents for granted. Now I’m not a silly girl, I know some people, just don’t get along with one or the other or heck maybe both parents, I’m well aware of that. For some of us, we don’t seem to exist to them. But aside from all that, for those of you that do have a relationship with your parents, and when I say parents, I mean adopted, foster parent, a family member or friend that took you in, and was that role model for you, try not to make the trips in between too far apart, because one day, their name will be called.

There is so much I wish I had time ro do with my mother, but I know that will never happen, not in this lifetime. I love you so very much, miss you terribly, but also know you are with me when I am feeling my loneliest, thank you for all the wonderful beautiful memories, I hold them dear to my heart. Rest in peace mom, I am doing OK, and I am loved.

I Miss & Love You Mom


  1. Thank you for this post. I lost my mom this past october and learning about other’s grief can be a real comfort…
    Serena recently posted ..36. productivity

  2. Sorry for your loss friend and yes thank u for the reminder about our parents sometimes our own life get to busy that we forget that our parents need us too.

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